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Twilight stole a statue. Not just any statue, though, for it was the Sacred Totem of Amazingly Rad Epicness, or S.T.A.R.E. for short.

Also, she doesn't really give a crap about it. So there's that.

Rewritten from the story "Thief" with permission from Evictus. I took it as a personal challenge to see what I could do with a story that has far more dislikes than likes. :derpytongue2:

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Spike hallucinating from eating crystals.......

I think that cavern was crystal meth if you ask me.

:pinkiecrazy: Damnit Jessie!

20/10 Even better than Past Sins.

Haha! That punch line! I didn't expect it at all. I gave ya a like. :raritywink:

Better than the original, at least. :rainbowkiss:

8022897 It was better than mine to. I wish mine were good I'm at the point of quitting. :(

8022902 Don't give up! Grab a book or two on writing! There's always the chance to improve, you just gotta take it the first chance you get!

8022934 A book like a writing guide? Yeah I could get one of those. Or the guides about writing on this site. I know it would be bad to give up but I don't know. Thank you though I know that there is a chance for me to improve and I just need to use that chance

8022956 I've seen plenty of writing guides in libraries and schools.

Pretty brilliant. Liked, faved.

Well, TheMajorTechie, you have managed the impossible. You have successfully polished a turd. You also made it genuinely hilarious.

To be absolutely fair to The Story Writer, "Thief" is one of his less-bad attempts. He's written far worse.

For what it's worth, I have also taken The Story Writer's "writing" as a challenge, though I ended up going in a completely different direction with it. I am simultaneously sorry yet not.

Okay story...
90% better than the original.

Without further ado I present thee with thy award.

whats l-o-g-i-c? its new to me.

8025959 As are the goings of life, the passage of time, and the workings of the universe. Vague. Nothing may truly be certain unless said certainty may be confirmed, either through direct observation, or by the means of forcing a single event's happening by one's own hand. The universe is therefore everything, and at the same time, nothing.

Want a potato?

What even is this?
Where even is this?
When even is this?
How even is this?
Why even is this?
Who even is this?
Who even is I?
Is I even Who?
Why is even who i how what this when?
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Approximately 2.47591 seconds

Give or take a handful of nanoseconds. And picoseconds. Can't forget those.

In this rewrite I basically just took the basic plotline and added my usual one-shot absurd-randomness twist to it. Other than that, I mostly kept the same plot.

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