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Once you have joined anything, any place in which anything is recorded, you become eternal, and even though you will one day die... you will still live on. - Credit to Tide Hunter for this quote. Many years ago, things such as ghosts were said to be mythical. But now, in this modern age, ghosts. Are. Real. Your digital footprint, every action you make, is typically recorded, and hidden away on some server somewhere.

It's impossible to truly die anymore... and because of that, we will live forever.

We are a group with many goals, but we will always keep to our hearts the two most important goals that we all share:

Protect the Fandom, as well as the beautiful works it creates.

Peace and freedom is becoming increasingly scarce in this world, so we must defend it at all costs.

So no matter what happens,


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You make plushies!? That is so cool! Sorry about the pause of years of forgetting this post.

Whee. Dead group is dead.

Guess who's back? ITS ME!

With 4.5 years of being a brony, I think I'm pretty sure I always will be. And also I'll always be writing, drawing, and making plushies. I don't think there is any need for worry. Us bronies are pretty dedicated and loyal. :raritywink:

412259 We're getting downright philosophical here... :moustache:

Also, to add on to the quote above, here is one of mine. "If you keep an idea, you will always remember it. But if you write it down, you will always be remembered. It does not matter if the paper crumbles away, the idea will live forever, thus making it and you immortal."

412227 maybe we will be the next writers. Imagine what crazy things would happen then. So much chaos, it would be delicious.


May this fandom be remembered in history, till the end of time.

But even then, I'm sure Hasbro will make another generation for the series, soon enough. The real question is if G5 of the show is gonna become another G3 or continue this generation's legacy. I'm hoping the latter. Yet I guess we'll have to put our trust into the next generation's writers.

412187 I did. Plus, without stories, how are we gonna remember these days if we ever do fade away?

Can we place our stories here?

May this fandom never fall.

For God :heart:
For Country :rainbowdetermined2:
For Creativity :trixieshiftright:
For Freedom :yay:
For Love :raritywink:
For Life :ajsmug:
For Friendship :pinkiesad2:
For Endurance :fluttershysad:

May God Bless us in our pursuit: to preserve freedom, and to strive for our unconformity. :twilightsmile:

So the Archive rises.

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