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Third time lucky? We'll see...




A conclusion · 9:45am Oct 13th, 2019

Howdy howdy, to anyone still around lmao. I apologize for my repeated absences. Duing my time, I've been growing and maturing a lot, so yay for me.

Unfortunately, upon further thought, I have decided that I will cease activity on this account. No new stories, or blogs.

This does not mean the end for my content however, as I have decided due to the stagnation of old and semi finished stories on this account, I would create an new account, with fresh ideas and whatnot.

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Thanks for the follow, man :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow :twilightsmile:

I have an Upcoming project i think you should see! go on my main page and read the comments!


link for avatar? i NEED it

Thanks for joining Quibble Pants! I hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Thankies for the fav it is mucho appreciated. :pinkiehappy:

Writing is one of the few things I seem to be ok at.

Another aspiring to be a writer and pursue a creative future, I wish you luck my friend

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Voice Actor for hire!!

Well when I say voice actor....I'm not an official one. I just do a few voices.

If you need someone for a voice role, I'm your man.

I can do...

An average Big Mac
Mario (Accurate)
Gollum (LOTR)
My own
Or a custom (You tell em what you want, and I'll give it my best shot.)

I am really keen to begin voice acting, so whatever it is, please contact me, I'm on Facebook (Tyrone Jagers) My email is tp0jaygas@gmail.com and pm me here!!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

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