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Yet another AppleDash shipfic wherein the two get married and have a happy life. There's some Assassin's Creed in there too.

Note please: The following stories are in the same universe; An unknown sensation, Splitting aMid the Night, To Jack a Rainbow, Two of a kind.
In addition, Strength and Perception take place in a parallel universe to that one, where things are almost the same, but not quite.

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In case you're wondering, Earth's escape velocity is about 11200 m/s, so you'd need about 28 kN of force if Scootaloo weighs 5 pounds (or 2.5 kilograms, as real scientists say it.). That's without calculating air friction, which would make her KFC almost immediately after launch.
The fun thing is, you don't really need G in that calculation. Silly CMC.

Toraka holy crap! How did u know that?:rainbowhuh:

797610 Uhm... physics? Like, having to suffer through two years of that subject? If you aren't referring to my own comment, please be more specific on what I knew.

Rainbow Dash proposing? That's my cue for like and fave. :D

Excellent story so far, great job. :ajsmug: :rainbowdetermined2:

LOL at the broken 4th wall, "the writer's tired."

Huh, it's over. Wish it would continue.

Finally the story is up on this website :flutterrage:

801048 Well, what's wrong with the PFA? Ok, I'll just... :fluttercry:
800214 I'm in the process of finally transferring Splitting aMid the Night, which is a teensy tiny tidy bit darker than this, but it's my most recent story, with To Jack a Rainbow being my second most recent. If you like my style, more coming your way. If only cleaning up the text wasn't so tiring...

Sorry, but your suffering in physics class wasn't sufficient. You are correct in that 28 kN of force would get her to escape velocity, but that is not the whole story. What you calculated was the force required to accelerate her to escape velocity if that force were to be applied for one second. I believe that you improperly applied F = ma, by confusing acceleration and velocity.

The acceleration needs only to be greater than zero if Scootaloo is to reach escape velocity. Now, if the required velocity is 11.2 km/s, then we get a = v/t, where v is the escape velocity, and t is the amount of time that the force is applied. For instance, if it were a catapult providing the force, t might be a second or so. If it were a chemical rocket, it would be more like 30 seconds. If it were an ion thruster (ignoring the fact that their thrust is usually in the single Newtons) then t is practically infinite. So then you end up with F = mv/t to get the required force. Of course you would have to add the force to counteract Scootaloo's weight, which would start at F = mg = 24.5 N and diminish the farther she got form earth, but I'm pretty sure you'd have a differential equation on your hands if you wanted to include that term. Plus as you mentioned, air resistance, which would be even more complicated to calculate as it has to do with several factors, the variables for which would change depending generally on how high she was.

But, as long as they had a way of generating more than 24.5 N of thrust constantly, they would eventually get Scootaloo to escape velocity. Or any other velocity.

Plus, they didn't say anything about escape velocity, only about getting her into space. The amount of energy required to go up 100 km is much less than the amount required to escape the Earth completely. :twilightsmile:

818901 Um, yeah. I kind of really screwed up that one. I just barely got a passing grade in physics, to be honest.
Although I just did it the lazy way as a quick twoliner, in my defense.
Oh well. Glad you liked the story.

EEEEEK! She proposed! yay! I'm so happy now!

869675 Jeeez, what is it with people and ponies proposing? I mean, if you have read An unknown sensation, which you shouldn't, because it's crap and this is a fine standalone, you already knew it was coming. Oh well.
Forgive me the sexism, but I assume you are female, yes? Brohoof to pegasister. :twilightsmile:

Funny little fact about that marriage. It actually started out as a plot device in Aus to give a reason why Twilight couldn't hook up with AJ or RD. But I think it's far more than that now. Too bad I don't really have experience on the matter of how to behave when married, which causes my bleeding profile to be a bit off.

thats a lot of assassins creed referenceing

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