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Normally, days in the Sparkles' house always start the same way. However, this day is not normal, and there are two ponies intent on making it the least normal day ever.

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Remember when I said that I was never ever going to write more fluff? Well neither do I, so on that note, more f:yay:in' fluff!

Okay, context. Recently, I was informed that Mater (which is Latin for Mother - gosh I'm so SMRT) will be officially aging soon. On Monday. Hey, don't blame me for forgetting, I've got other stuffs to mind! Like the slicey slicey leg stuff, for which I'll leave the day after. How well this all fits. :moustache:
So, I did what every sensible person would've done in my position. As the cell with high Polymerase V production said, "F:yay::yay::yay:CKF:yay:CKF:yay:CKF:yay:CK fix it fix it fix it, I don't care how!"
(Pol V is a protein that can repair broken DNA. It's not very accurate, but it's preferable to having, say, broken DNA.)

So I wrote this. Because writing is all that I do. Good thing I'm fairly awesome at it, else my life would be pretty sad.
Crescent's many thoughts are in there because I had to assume actually, I know for fact that my target audience knows only Twilight out of their family. And because I refuse to write stories which do not contain at least the slightest trace of reading worth.

For inspiration and getting the right feel, I also felt like I had to listen to old music while writing. You know, old stuff. 50 years. Back when physical records were still a thing. What I'm going at is that you're old, Mater. Anyway, not that that was any kind of bad, of course. Perhaps those of you who fit the profile my family keeps painting for you (50 year old men reading pony fan fiction naked) will even recognise a certain line within this fic. I haven't hidden it too hard.

I was also battling the urge to have FillyNight just appear randomly and making her and Twilight's parents have one of those adult celebrations where you basically just eat some cake, drink coffee, and play card games for a bit. Given that I once tampered with the thought of making Star Sparkle and Daylight sisters, that wouldn't even be that far fetched. (I eventually abandoned it because it'd make the two fillies cousins and thus Splitting aMid the Night a tiny bit awkward, especially now with what's going on in the later chapters.)
Oh my, yet another metaphysical joke which no one will get. Oh yes, why did I resist said urge? I suppose it would've made this fic into something that it simply isn't. This is not... something, it's a story about... uh, you know the part.

I feel like I maybe should be bothered that I have a fairly accurate idea of how a fourtysomething year old family father thinks. I'm moreso however by that the same is true for 8 year olds. I mean, that's a decade in the past for me, even!
God, I'm old. And so are you, Mater.

2240961 Oh look, somebody comments on my shit...
I have no strong responses one way or the other.

Just for posterity: That comment was radically edited.

Crescent Sparkle? I thought it was Night Light?

This story was Hilarious!

2241025 Canonically, his name is N/A. So really, take whatever you want. I chose to use their - Sparkle variants here in order to establish something like a last name. Because the Sparkle in Twilight Sparkle just feels like it shouldn't be part of adressing between friends, and quite honestly, it's used exactly as I do in the show.

Shining Armour you say? He's adopted, of course. Don't you watch FiW? Coming to think of it, should I spell him Armor as it's an original name, with the knowledge that this spelling is wrong?


How bout Night Sparkle? What is FiW?
Adopted, haha that changes evrythin

2241111 Friendship is Witchcraft. You sir have been missing out on something if you don't know it.
Well, how else do you explain that she does not seem to have given any kinds of fucks about him before the Wedding?


My friend said they took them all down?

just...adorable....I LOVE IT:pinkiehappy:

2241150 Nope. In fact, there's another one come out recently. I think Cherry Bomb might be down, but the rest is up.


I'll go take a look in a while.

2241165 They've moved all their FiW videos to a new website powered by Vimeo.

Oh, and this is a cute story, too. :twilightsmile:

Capin THE SHIELDS ARE FAILING THEY CAN'T STAND UP TO THIS MUCH RAW DWAAAA!!!! :twistnerd: I loved the chapter great job

2242684 We are adorable. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. You will be diabeetus'd.

Also: Oops. Didn't mean for it to be incomplete. This is the full length that it'll be. But thanks for your favorites.
If Bad Horse is allowed to do such things, then I'm allowed too, on accident!

2243432 Crap! quick set phasers to FEELS!

2243570 Uhm... uh... all power to the hug drives?
I'm crap at this.

2243688 lol not a problem I was half way asleep when I made the first comment the second was just for lolz

2240409 That was adorable! In my TwiMavVerse of fics I have Twilight's parents name being Andromeda and Orion. Some people flipped their shits over that. MUSTACHES! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Shit, look at all those likes.

2318651 I know what you have in mind right now, what with my Bleeding powers and all, and if you do, I will have the next part in the Nocturnal experiment row feature you and knighty, then hack fimfiction and post it as your account.

Fluff. It's that pointlessly adored.

Filly Twilight + Beatles lyrics = win

2973021 You might be the one person to actually notice that. Or perhaps the one to notice it and be literate enough to post about it. I suppose that's how it runs, as a survivor from an ancient time.


A better time. Though I doubt you were there for the Beatles, simply because Beatles kids are now sort of old. But what do you know, in this fandom.

I was born after the breakup, but only a few years after...


Canonically, his name is N/A.

The accepted names for Twilight's parents are Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Twilight Velvet's name is even on merchandise. It's your story, do what you want, but expect people to bitch about this because you're wrong.

3428259 Canon := What is in the show, where both of them put together have had about ten seconds total of screen time, across three seasons.

So no, I won't take those names as canon because so said some people who model RD and Fluttershy the exact same.
Besides, they're nonsense. It is the only logical consequence that Equestria would adopt the system of first and last name for its innate organisation if the populations are anywhere as big as they want us to believe.

3428652 Right, because Applejack, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, and Apple Bloom all have...

Oh wait.

3429007 Psssht.
At least there's some relation between them all.

Besides, hate-disliking a comment that doesn't share your view on a subject with no true answer is a bit below both of us, don't you think?

This is a cute fic. And yeah Twi's parents actually have no actual name. The only reason people call them what they call them is because they look "similar" to an older generation of MLP, but it really doesn't matter what you call them. I enjoyed reading this.

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