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Is there but one definition of love? Does one description of how one feels for another mean the same between Citizen and Royalty? Young and Old? Healthy and Infirm? Even between Pony and Dragon? This is what the some citizens of Ponyville will soon find out, as the supposedly felicitous tidings of the holiday and the varied and sometimes conflicting definitions of "love" are experienced through their eyes.

In celebration of our very own Valentine's/Hearts and Hooves Day, follow in the hoofsteps of some of your most beloved characters as they face the events of the holiday, learn what love means for them and their own loved ones, and find how the selfless actions of a few can change a single pony's life forever.
Now the proud owner of a Mother's Day side-story entitled As Long As You're Living. If you enjoyed Scootaloo's chapter, you will definitely enjoy this as well.

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Okay, first of all I'm really glad to see you have written another story. It is well written and the guy that gave you a thumbs down is probably a troll. Man, immortality has always been a real nasty blighter, just read tuck everlasting some time. :applecry::twilightangry2: the diction is awesome, too. Demise, assuage, and bereavement in one sentence! Well, I hopes to see the next chapter soon!

You will: i have already written a majority of them, they all just require some editing. And yeah, no worries on the one downvote. This is my first work alone and my second work overall, so little criticisms are appreciated. At least the mostly positive feedback has told me I'm doing something right!

That bittersweet... The fluffy, lighthearted stuff has its place, and an epic tale can captivate me for hours, but a perfectly timed snapshot into the difficulties of life, however unrealistic they may be, can touch a soul in a way nothing else can.

And by god it turned me into a poet. How do you do such things?

My wonderful pre-reader!:yay:
it's great to see you're reading my other stuff! Taking a break from the other work has been very nice, actually...given me time to cool my jets...

I have to admit, not being constrained by the confines of the Firefly Universe has allowed me to just go with whatever comes to mind, without having to think over whatever the LOTW characters and their Firefly parallels would say or do. It's a very nice sort of freedom, and it's given me a lot of room to experiment with diction and sentence flow. I've also done some very Tarantino-esque adjusting of storylines, and it's been interesting making everything fit together. You will get a chance to see this as the story progresses, which should be tomorrow (if i can edit this next piece how I want) and every other day afterwards until H&H Day.

You should write something too!:pinkiehappy: I'm still dying to see how that brilliant mind of yours works in word-form!

very very sweet

I'd offer something helpful, but I'm too busy smiling and crying... And waiting for the next story I guess, that foreshadowing isn't remotely subtle, and I guess there might have been a little more you could do to make it fit better within the story as something other than obvious foreshadowing, but it didn't break the flow.

Wow, I haven't been this close to crying since my little dashie, and I ain't lyin about that one. Daw moment after daw moment, this is definitely your best yet, and probably for a while. I just wish this was more than a single chapter.:fluttercry: If you decide to make a full version any time, I won't hesitate to read it!

What, a full length Dinky/Ditzy weepfest? Maybe, if i find the time...
sounds like I've found a little niche here, huh?:twilightblush:

2100969 Eeyup. :eeyup: And not a whole weepfest. I mean, seriously, she's ableblooms age and can drive a pencil INTO a desk. Enough for lethality? She likes twilight and the library, and her mom wants the best for her. Hmm. Where could that go? Twilight was having trouble lighting sparks and turning pages at that age except when she had similar motivation.

that's it...Dinky is going to become a magical assassin...done.:rainbowlaugh:

2102592magic ninjas are cool. That part could be like the first chapter, then someone kills mommy and she has only pain. Then she learns magic from twilight with the same drive that twi had, only with a more vengeful motivation. So she tracks down the murderer over the course, or something. Idk, just suggesting. Obviously, this is ur story, not mine. :scootangel:

If i ever need some new story ideas, I will keep this one in mind just for the helluvit.
And speaking of assassins, has anyone made a MLP-Kill Bill crossover? I could actually see this working with that in some way...and to be totally honest, that would be a kick-ass story to write! :rainbowwild:

You, sir, have this business down! Great chapter after great chapter!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Yay! glad you liked!

Hopefully I don't ruin my streak then: I'm trying something different for the last chapter, and I'm writing as I type here. I can either see it being utterly glorious, or horrible. Time and editing will tell, and now the pressure is on.

Great, now I'm all nervous...:applejackunsure:

I'm... I'm honestly crying right now. Not all-out bawling, but there are tears being shed.
It has been a long time, and hopefully will be longer still until I have to go through it again, but I know from experience that this is a perfect portrayal of a family losing its oldest member, and honestly believe that every single person on Earth should read it. I can give no higher praise.

Gah! Where did you learn to write?! It's nice how Granny Smith died, wasn't expecting Celestia, but you pulled that off great too! :fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::fluttercry:

I wish I could mount both of your comments on my wall and keep them forever. In fact, I might just...

I'm glad that I could do it justice: it's a terribly touchy subject, and everyone reacts differently to death. My uncle passed way back when I was..well...Applebloom's age. I never really knew him, but I have never seen so many people laugh during a funeral reception. Sure there were tears, but everyone smiled and swapped stories about him, trading experiences, talking about him. It made everything better, and I don't know a single person in my family who's bitter about his passing.

She deserved to go out with her family, and I'm touched that you loved it. In all honesty, i adore this chapter more than anything I've ever written, and I probably always will.

A good ending to wrap it up nicely. :rainbowkiss:

I can only assume you went to go see Granny Smith.
That, or you’re hiding some lover away in your castle that neither I nor Luna knows about...the plot thickens...


But in all seriousness, great work.


I'm glad you both thought so, I was having a hard time working with the multiple storyline thing, and things went a little haywire towards the end, but im glad I didn't ruin everything too much.

I'm glad you guys liked my first official completed story on the site. Now that I'm getting back to LOTW, I'm seeing a lot of places i can make improvements. It's been a nice relaxing break...but I've got some Firefly to write about!

I'm not that bright for it to not occur to me that this story would get wrapped up on valentines day. :derpytongue2: This is one of the best stories that I've read on the site, and you did an amazing job with the ties between every chapter! :yay: There is a LOT of plot for one day in this story, so that you managed to not botch it is amazing by its own right, let alone make it great. I'm gonna kinda miss it, now that it's complete. :pinkiesad2: Great job!!

I love the fact that you've been there since day one for both of my projects! You and kamil man...you guys are the best!:pinkiehappy:

Hopefully the stuff I write in the future is just as satisfying. I am currently reinvesting myself in editing this Firefly work, but I will continue to think of little pieces to write when I need to take breaks. I'm only, at most, a third or a fourth of the way done with LOTW...there is enough time to experiment with other things.

That, and I just finished the last chapter of Project Horizons. I have GOT to work on character development...:facehoof:


It's been a while since anyone read this one, so I'm glad to hear you liked it! I'm actually writing a side-story for this as we speak, so stay tuned.


I love having followers! :pinkiehappy:

Now all I have to do is get some stuff on EqD, and then my next step towards world domination will be complete... hmmm :trixieshiftright:


I don't nearly have enough time to read through like I used to. Maybe over the summer when I'm not pulling my hair out writing dissertations and conducting research experiments, I can get around to reading and being active. Until then, I will write where I can.


I wouldn't say worst, but definitely most inexperienced and unaided. I didn't have a proofreader or prereader, and had lots of time constraints with having to crank out 5 mini-stories with a day in-between each.

If you like this one, I would suggest you read the side-story I just finished entitled As Long As You're Living. It picks up a year after the final chapter leaves off. It just recently got featured on the front-page on Mother's Day, and I must admit I'm very proud of how it turned out.

Thank you for reading and enjoying, and I hope you enjoy my other works as well! It means a lot that you liked it.


i cannot handle all dese feels.:fluttercry:

Author Interviewer

Marvelous. I've been reading this whole thing, and for the most part, I've been nonplussed, though Spike's chapter was enjoyable for its levity. But this is just great. It's got a depth of emotion lacking in Dinky's chapter, and the way it recontextualizes all the parts that come before it is really powerful. Definitely getting an upvote from me. :D

Author Interviewer

he’s never helping him with last-minute gift ideas ever again.

oh my god

Watching this story come together was a blast. The parts aren't always perfect, but overall I'd say it's better than their sum. :)

Worst Hearts and Hooves day ever.

3046650 So will I. And I'm not joking!

this is a lovely story, keep up the good work

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