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During the Canterlot Wedding, Shining Armor was brainwashed into submission by the Changeling Queen. But what happened in the weeks before the wedding?

After the wedding, Queen Crysalis shows up with an unexpected surprise- Shining Armor's half changeling foals. How will he and his family react to this development?

Criticism is appreciated.

Chapters (3)
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Well, not bad. I'm looking forward next chapter.

D'OH! Shining Armour ought to be smart enough to know that the Universe punishes phrases like that almost immediately! :twilightoops:

Let's see how this'll go.

of god hugh, what have you done now?

Epic Grandpa is Epic :rainbowkiss:
Listening granson is best grandson:yay:

I want to see how he takes the new of his new kids :pinkiehappy:

this intrigues me... pretty funny and i am waiting to see where this goes!:twistnerd:

yep, smell that you know what is coming, a royal shitstorm the likes of which that has never been seen

Oh this is going to be so hilarious, I cant WAIT for moar!

This story makes me think of these comics.

and the sequel...

Cadence can't be too pissed off at him, Chrysalis was using mind control and her shape shifting abilities.

Also Shining's grand dad reminds me of my own except he went senile and now thinks he was an African American airline pilot...I wish I was making this up.

These comics were my inspiration. But then I thought of something even more incredibly awkward.
Not telling.:trollestia:

Nothing at all, Nothing. At. All, NOTHING AT ALL. XD, love that joke, I dunno why, but when used properly I always smile... I smiled when you used it. Great first chapter, we have Gamer Luna and revolutionary thinking Luna with Abacus. Looking forward to the next chapter, can't wait to see how you will make the characters squirm in the awkwardness... SQUIRM! :pinkiecrazy:

epic so far so good keep it coming:twilightsmile::eeyup:

YES!! More chapters! 1,400 words is not enough for me to form an opinion, I need more so I will know whether this is good or not! <.< >.> <.<


Dooomeeeed! Shining Armor is doomed! Just run for it man, just run.

"A" foal? I thought they had these by the hundreds :pinkiehappy:

Could be worse. "I brought you a few dozen eggs to sit on and keep warm. The rest are back in Incubator 1 - 14."

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that crossing your niece is an ideal suicide choice. PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

Love, Shining Armour.

Good, very good!

Dear Shining Armour,

You married her, she's your problem now.

-Princess Celestia

Oh god my sides :rainbowlaugh:

Oh poor Shining Armor, he has the royal family and twilight already in his life, now Chrysalis and their kids are going to become a new constant in his life. Can just imagine the guards giving him friendly nudges and giving him the honorary title of Plot Hunter :rainbowwild:

Remind you of anypony?:trollestia:

Kid you don't about? This looks like a job for Maury. :ajsmug:

(Every guy is secretly a trained dancer.)

Love to see an update.

Mind Vision based off that DOOM trollfic. I thought that it was funny enough to rip off.

That is a shit ton of birthday presents and those middle kids (Numbers 100-200) are gonna be the trouble makers. Oh and then comes the cost of braces if they need them. Shining is lucky that he now has money with the whole being royalty thing... :twilightoops:

Cernel Sparkle
were you trying to spell Colonel Sparkle there?

Dear Shining Armor,
As your new bride Cadance's orthodontist for the last decade, I just wanted to extend a welcome to you on behalf of our dental care team. As you may be well aware, Princess Cadance gave us quite a workout here at the office, and I was so glad to see her teeth have finally settled in straight when we removed the last Invisalign braces (799 bits each) the month before your wedding.

The genetic condition that caused her dental issues is complex, and most probably will be passed down to your children, but for the low monthly cost of 29b per child, we are willing to extend the same dental plan that now covers your lovely bride. It should save you thousands of bits each in the long run, and will be a great blessing to your in-laws (if you know what I mean). I am not at liberty to release patient confidential records, but you may recall your history lessons about the Great Bridge Project of 128 A.C. (After Celestia) that temporarily bankrupted the new kingdom, and I have included a rare photograph of our beloved Princess before the project began. (Please burn the photo after reading, possession of this item is punishable by the Official Security Act of 129 A.C.)

Looking forward to my new yacht
Dr. Molar, DDS, DOO

That's the direct spelling from DOOM Repurcussions of Evil. It is intentionally mispelled.

Well, that was pretty funny. Shining Armor You are a Player, XD. Looking forward to chapter 4, eagerly :pinkiehappy:.

"you're a player...did i say some thing wrong????" :rainbowlaugh:

"I also remember spreading rainbows around a weird Candyland as this weird bipedal red creature."
Need i say....

Famous last words....:trollestia:

Hay, one of best comedy fics. Love it!:twilightsmile:

Prepare to stand guard another twelve hours Pvt. Lotus eater :pinkiehappy:

1336860 (Murphy) OH HI DAR! Don't mind me, just comin' to visit! Brought my Law with me. :D I'm sure you know the one...

1363619 Nope. For that comment, he's probably about to work a straight-24-shift. :P

I don't think that Cadence will hurt Shiny... much.

Oh, and Chrysalis is kinky! Well, I think we all knew that anyway but it's nice to have that confirmed.

So... Foal support? Just how many? After all, an hive insect can easily have thousands of eggs on just one fertilisation. How much are Changelings insects and how much are they ponies? Upon that biological question is probably balancing Shining Armours happiness... if not his sanity. :rainbowlaugh:

CHRYSALIS: So, does he still black out after thirty seconds?

CADENCE: He made it to thirty with you? I'm impressed, bitch; you'll have to teach me your secrets.



Just for the record, I don't buy ignorant!Chrysalis for one moment. She's enjoying every moment of this fiasco.

So... 300 unicorn/changeling hybrids, huh? I can see Princesses doing spit takes all over the place when this one gets out into the general population. Of course, this could be a big opportunity - raise 'em as good Equestrians and you've got a ready-made metamorphic magical army! Not that Celestia would let them do something like that to innocent... maggots but it might convince the Council to not euthanase the abominable freaks of un-nature here and now.

For some reason, I've got a mental image of Lotus Eater somewhere up in the frozen heights of the Crystal Mountains, counting and categorizing individual snowflakes.

this story is trollrific :trollestia:

I like Shining Armor's grandpa.

This is so stupid that it overshot stupid, circled around, and landed back on genius. :derpyderp1:

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