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Aw · 9:50pm Mar 15th, 2013

My story passed moderation at about the same time the site updated, I'm pretty sure. Don't know what that means for my initial views.

But that doesn't matter to me, what does is I have 3 dislikes already?!?

To quote Derpy: "I just don't know what went wrong."

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511678 I now wish to go to this Sydney location

Well, the coolest thing in Sydney is me, of course. ;)
But as far as the coolest landmark or whatever? I don't think there's one thing that makes Sydney awesome to me. I think it's a collection of the famous bridge and opera house, the two awesome harbours and the great walks you can have alongside them. It's the landmarks and memorials scattered.throughout the city, the parks. And further out than the CBD, it's the Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains, the beaches, the diversity and the way even the crummy poorer district councils do their best to make their suburbs look nice. I just love Sydney

510856 why must you crush my dreams

for your last trick

What is the coolest thing in Sydney

We use Australian English, which is closer to British than US English.

And there may be a Wallaby Way, but it's more likely Wallavy Street, and it's not in Sydney

509891 ah but do you ride Kangaroos into BATTLE

Also--do y'all use the whole british commonwealth english thingy


Is there truly a Wallaby way?

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