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Sparked is probably going to be on a hiatus for a little bit while I write a brand new longish one-shot! It shalt be good enough to be featured.
If I'm lucky.
I'm not actually all that of a good writer. Really. I'm lucky that Sparked has gotten so many views as it is, and I thank each and every one of you who enjoy reading my story(s). I hope you absolutely love my new one :)!This may be released...um...within a month? Probably? I really hope everypony likes it. Can't wait!

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Sneak Peak of 'Zeal'

Zeal - A new shipping fanfiction coming your way soonish.
zeal [zeel]
1. fervor for a pony, cause, or object
2. eager desire or endeavor
3. enthusiastic diligence
4. ardor
I am NOT overreacting.
That was Rainbow Dash’s very first thought as she emerged from Rarity’s shop and home, Carousel Boutique. Her wings took her to the skies, and she bursted through a cloud. She flew to one of the very top cloud layers and winced in pain from her healing wing. She was tired already. This was unnatural. Then again, this whole day had been on natural. Rainbow punched a cloud, sending bits of white fluff everywhere. What had Rarity been thinking, telling her that? She rolled her eyes, as a bead of sweat appeared on her forehead. She soared down, lower, lower.
What had she been thinking?
No. She was Rainbow Dash, #1 flyer in all of Equestria. She had to be able to keep her cool in all situations if she were to even have an inkling of hope to join the Wonderbolts someday. If that was even worth it anymore.
She stopped in mid-air for a moment, but not after looking around to make sure that nopony was watching. She then dropped to the ground, trying to catch her breath. Blades of grass bended around her as she comfortably sat. She looked up and smiled. They were ripe, now. She only wished that she had somepony to share it with. Sitting there, she felt a single tear fall from her eye.
It had been here, under this very cherry tree that it had happened

I have more than this wrote, of course, but just wanted to leave you guys a sneak peek.

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Where have you been for 89 weeks?

Merry christmas anyway!

Look a Fellow Monster Brony Lover Cat Hybrid Hows your day Going :pinkiehappy:

We are watching you!

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