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Okay, focus. We've been through worse before. We'll figure out what's wrong and we'll deal with it. If only I wasn't so tired...

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Maybe you want to read this.

Pretty much oneshot it in an hour. If you're reading this before the second chapter, that is another ending. You may also pick this one if you wish.

I wonder why all my ideas seem to include hospitals as of late...

So, she was in a coma?

Yeah, I'm guessing coma. Well written, but it would still be nice if we had a better grasp of what was going on.

2172885 Sometimes effect is generated by implications, even if the rabble may not catch on.
In your defense, 's not like I explicitly confirmed that or linked a story in which the same stuff happens and which pretty much spells out that she's comatose.

I mean like after. The second chapter was awful short, a few more reactions wouldn't have gone remiss.

2175348 That's because it's a second ending, tacked on to satisfy all needs. Maybe even copypasted out of one of my other works, who would know.
Surely I could have made it faff around endlessly like the plague of Twicoma fics its predecessor was made to mimock, but what for? It's a oneshot, a thought experiment, giving it too much effort would only allow it to grow beyond what it is to be. I meant to analyse the basics of what a mind goes through in a vegetable state, with a bit of magic to keep it sensible, and how terrible realising what you truly are can become.

I just got into the habit of adding on secondary endings because some people won't be content with what fits :trixieshiftleft:

Pretty good, once again.:twilightsmile:
Short, yet powerful enough to convey the misery of being stuck in the land of dreams.:fluttershysad:
Excellent work, dear Author.:pinkiesmile:

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