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This group is for stories that have audio readings/audiobooks for them.

I will try my best to keep the group updated when new stories are read and to remove stories who have had their readings removed also. Feel free to give suggestions and/or updates in the forums.

Rules for Submissions: (Subject to Change)
1. Readings must be hosted on YouTube or another easily accessible site.
2. Readings must be of good/decent quality. (This is subjective but the audio should have minimal distractive aspects such as overly loud background noise or consistent stuttering/pausing.)
3. All readings submitted should be in English.
4. Text to Speech readings are not allowed.

[Currently under construction.]

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The story What I've Become

TWhat I've Become
A mysterious predator haunts the White Tail Woods... one that is deadly, terrifying, and...nice?
Knight Breeze · 40k words  ·  4,853  98 · 61k views

has a complete audio reading

Not in the immediate future but I have plans to finish it

BRo love you story anymore riddle me ?
love spike story bro!

I can get down with this comment

this group is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!:moustache:
(just like spike)

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