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Your average fan fiction writer. I enjoy anime, music, my little pony of course.

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Bravo!Bravo! Encore!Encore!:rainbowlaugh:

I swear to christ.

This is going into my favorites because of its stupidity and how I can see this happening.


What madness lurks behind that tilted faceplate... :rainbowderp:

I give this TWOOO out of TWOOO GRAKATA.


THE EXALTED ONE HAS SPOKEN!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

7382139 dammit was gonna say that

This website needs more Clem!

Clem? ClemClem! Grakata!

Oh the hilarity it so Clem I love it:rainbowlaugh:

The New navigation system is not that complicated. Blue nodes for incomplete missions, white for complete missions, and black for locked missions. That is all there is too it.

I thank you for posting this glorious piece of work. Many of my brothers in the Church of Clem will be overjoyed to learn about this.
May Clem bless all your fanfiction as your work will help unite all Clemists.:twilightsmile:

Clem story on fimfiction? If I could favorite one story 500 times, it'd be this one

Wait, what was his name again?:rainbowhuh:

Totally not a Fimfiction thing, but Clem needs to meet a Pokemon or Nappa from DBZ Abridged. Because reasons. :yay:

7388255 Clem needs to meet everything/everyone. :eeyup:

I couldnt stop laughing through the whole story! I wish someone could make a video of this XD

Clem/Clem ~IGN "would clem grakata again" ~The Mighty Exalted One, Clem.

I am confuse pls halp

I see 2 types of people in the comments. those who have summoned the Divine savior Clem and those who have not figured out how, you know which ones you are.

Clem spoke and the universe obeyed. Angel simply phased out of existence and was never seen or heard from again.

Our prayers have been made true!

7388255 Or Groot. Groot works too.

7852093 "I am GROOT." *nods in agreement* "Clem." :rainbowkiss:

(Sniff) Beautiful. The speech Clem gave at the end was so (Sniff) heartfelt and kind. Truly a work of art.:fluttercry:

Pinkie continued to mutter, something about Argon crystals and "RNG"

I know your pain, Pinkie.
Those darned things are impossible to obtain.
THEN you gotta worry about them decomposing if you don't use them in a day!:rainbowhuh:

This story frilly touched my soul...
...well, now I wanna go shoot something with my Hema!

I applaud you for creating such a marvelous troll-fic! :rainbowlaugh: It's funny how Clem is Warframe's biggest meme by himself.

I never knew he was such a big deal. As soon as I got past his and Darbo's Deal I just pretty much forgot about him.

Except, you know, the guys I mess up who look like his clones.

1. It’s Darvo
B. Yeah, I think he sort of faded into the background for me until my friend started bringing Clem clones on missions and showing how crazy he can be in a fight.
Omega: I only truely understood his meme status when the Region Chat was filled with Clem puns for 2 days straight. It was beautiful. :rainbowlaugh:

Just because of this story, Imma make myself Twin Grakatas now.


I just read this and launched warframe and found out that the Hema is done...

You are a blessing to my soul

This story ha helped bring me back from the hells of sun butt, all hail CLEM!

I'll be honest. I took one look at the story and a 27 year old man squealed somewhere

Huh. The word Clem appears in this story 69 times. Neat.

You did that on purpose, didn't you? You cheeky d:yay:waffle!

Alucard wants your address.

Comment posted by No One and Nobody deleted Oct 30th, 2019


Also, Darvo’s Canadian? I KNEW I liked him!

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