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During the battle with the changelings, a trapped Discord manages an undirected spell that reaches across universes to bring an agent of chaos to Equestria. What's brought back more than qualifies.

Steam! Gears! SCIENCE! A very confused Spark! And, eventually, really good coffee.

Here comes Agatha Heterodyne--MARE GENIUS!

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Yes! The spark is in equestria. Agatha Heterodyne is one of my favorite steam punk heroines.

Interesting idea for a HIE, love the webcomic and would be nice to see how it would work out pitting magical/mad science against sciencey magic. I wonder at what point Agatha was pulled, If from the most recent point it could wreck havoc in her own town.

Will read ... later. gotta work first

edit: oh and 746460, be careful as they're starting to ban people claiming first post


Agatha was copy-pasted at the moment Violetta removed her locket at the start of the Si Vales procedure in Der Kestle's Movement Chamber. So yes: this is Agatha after she created the dreaded Little Raygun That Could.

If Equestria has a Doomsday Chronometer, it just hit OhGodN'Oclock. Agatha is in the same universe as Pinkie Pie.

746500 *Spoiler for the webcomic* :twilightoops: if she's pulled right at that exact moment it would be a very short story and Agatha wouldn't be behind the wheel unless you already have a plan for that it would probably be best to put it right after the Si Vales

lol saw Agatha Heterodyne and had to read

Could Pinkie be a spark in this universe with his candycopter?, or the Flim Flam broters with they magitech?, every second I like this crossover more and more.

Oh... mah... GOD! Girl Genius crossover! Insta-fave!

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Ok, now that I've read it, I must say that it was well written. Love that you made sure Agatha had an accent.


Read Samarkand's comment again:

Note he said COPY-pasted. Not cut-paste. So Girl Genius universe Agatha is still in her body (sharing space w/ mother not-so-dearest) and will likely just end up with a wonky headache that can be attributed to the revivification. So cannon marches on, and the rails in Equestria have been twisted into some Escher-esque monstrosity.

Sparky business as usual! :moustache:

+1 fave.
I wonder how Agatha's motivations will change if/when she learns there isn't much point in 'going' back, as 'she' is already back there.

But given the level of steam power used in the show, I think she'll find the resources to have some fun.

"Agatha is in the same universe as Pinkie Pie."

Oh... my...

I can just see some of the reactions now... :applejackconfused: "Whadda ya mean, who'd I beat up fer ma hat?"

I'm faving this just because it's a MLP/Girl Genius crossover, THAT'S HOW BUCKING GOOD THE WHOLE THING IS!!!

Ah yes, definetly looking forward to more of this.

Shit is about to go down.

Read this on Spacebattles reading it agian because I can

748187 Very mutch so I've read the Spacebattles version so I know what comeing

*Insert sparky laught here*

746811 thanks for helping with that :twilightsmile:. I hadn't read the chapter at that time as I had to get to work, was just curious, and misunderstood that part .

After reading it on my time off at work I'm now stuck with the visualisation of an inexplicably hovering machine popping out of a tangerine scented sauerkraut tasting purple smoke, scan Agatha and poof out.

On another note, came home to find another chapter already here :pinkiehappy: *does a happy dance*

Oh I am /really/ enjoying how Agatha is taking all of this in. You're doing a GREAT job of showing how alien Equestria is to the way she knew the world worked.

I am wondering how she'll react to Zap Apple Jam.

Saw this, my face did this :pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed this, please do continue.

I must express my naked surprise that Agatha did not connect the spacing between the buildings to the naked fact that Ponyville is, in fact, naked, compared to Beetleburg, not being hemmed in by a wall.

A lack of a wall would either indicate that things are much more peaceful, or that too many threats can fly to make a city wall worthwhile.

I love Girl Genius.
I love ponies.
You have managed to combine the two in a manner to which the adjective 'fantastic' simply doesn't do justice. 'Creative', 'inspired', or 'brilliant', perhaps come close, but none of them seem to cover all the facets of this wonderful piece of writing. You have me at a loss for words, I can only say this: well done.

I saw the title in the Popular Stories side bar, and I didn't even have to click to know exactly what I would find behind such an Elegant and Finely-Crafted Link.

I was not disappointed.

Everything went better than expected!

At first I had assumed that her Cutie Mark was the trilobyte, but she just hadn't noticed it yet. Then I reread things, and am very interested.

Looking forward to more.


"Note to self: develop anti-air cannon at earliest opportunity." PRICELESS.... :rainbowlaugh:

I'm loving both the story and the speed of chapter release.

"Equestria was a bit more like home than she had thought."
Also a great line.

752333 Most of the chapters have been writen on Spacebattles

752909 And I have no idea what that is!:derpytongue2:

753273 Spacebattles.com home dakka cazed maniacs like the author

Alien horrors? Are referencing another fanfic? Perhaps ones involving tyranids. Just wondering. Loving this story so far. Keep up the good work.

erm what happend with fluttershy at the end?

She fell over like a "fainting goat", presumably from shame over her behaviour when drunk. I think they do that in one episode when a lot of ponies fall over - Dragonshy? It's an odd in-joke.


That would be the Changelings. Based on the character design, "alien horror" would be an apt description of the things. The story is happening a day after Canterlot Wedding.

The Girl Genius universe is so used to oddities that, if invaded by the Race from Turtledove's WorldWar series, the novelty would be that the army of lizard-people come from space.

Dear god. This is the perfect person to put in Equestria. Not someone who has highly limited ideas of how the world works, and hence has trouble accepting new ones, but one who is crazy enough....

I mean, If you look at the "Sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science" part, Well, I have to say, Perfect......


Maybe not just the threats, recall Agatha's observations of Rarity.

Twilight Sparkle got it wrong about Ponyville. :twilightoops: Everypony in that town isn't crazy. They're mad, Mad I tell you! :pinkiegasp:

Daaaaw! Big Mac's got a crush. :pinkiehappy: I'm so loving this crossover. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Mienn Gott, des are entertainink. Effrypony iz fairly dezently potrayt in karaktor zo far; Hy ken't hartly vait to read more. Hy vonder hu Heppeljek hedz to fight to getz dot hat?

Ya know, I had a sort of an epiphany while reading this.
Sparks are men and women who are hypercompetant in a given field and will quite readily stab you if you try to stop them from acting in that field.
Ponies are hypercompetant in the fields related to their cutie marks and if they don't get a chance to use their special talent or something hinders their ability to do what they love they can be prone to snapping.
Equestria could very well be an entire nation of sparks.

I had doubts about this crossover when I read the first chapter. I can see I was a bit overcautious.

Still, Agatha seems a bit flat as a character in this story. Might want to work on that. Otherwise it's been fun so far and I want to read more. :pinkiehappy:

762422 Angleform preaty mutch said the same thing

On Agatha and Big Mac, sorry FlutterMac shippers. :fluttercry: Seems that Machintosh perfers his mares of a more, substantial, build. :eeyup:

You are crazy.
Girl Genius and MLP? THE HORROR!
Yet I find myself impressed in a strange, twisted way.

Well that's a logical consequence of Pinkie Pie startling someone with combat instincts from a violent world. Surprised it doesn't happen in more crossovers. Pinkie's tough she'll recover and hopefully learn a useful lesson. There are strong hints that the rest of the world isn't as peaceful as Equestria she could very well ended up in similar situation even without cross-dimensional travel. Only she might not have been lucky enough to have had it with someone with as much self-control as Agatha.

So on to Rainbow Dash versus Agatha. You'd think it'd be a walk for Agatha given that she has real combat training and experience in deadly combat with serious opponents trying to kill her. But Dash is no slouch. She's in amazing physical shape and has been conditioning since she was a foal. She's also no stranger to genuinely life threatening situations and knows how to focus and keep her head in a crisis (even if she sometimes forgets). She's earned a Black Belt in Karate and I doubt it was in a cheap McDojo either. Though we don't know if it was a point-based sporting version or a full contact practical self defense style. But she put up a good showing against the changeling swarm regardless. Finally her biggest advantage is that she's fighting in the body she was born in and Agatha is still getting used to hers. Plus Agatha will probably be holding back excessively having been shook up by the close call with Pinkie. Of course all this analysis could be rendered moot by purple telekinesis separating them a few seconds into the scuffle.

That opening made lmao.:rainbowlaugh:

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