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Something odd has appeared in Equestria. Deep in the Everfree forest there is some sort of magic at work. It started as a small glow but has now grown in size to what looks like a magical tear in mid-air. Zecora was the first to find this magical oddity and reported it to Princess Celestia herself. When the Princess and her Royal Guards arrived the Tear had doubled in it's reported size and Zecora is no where to be found. Desperate for answers the Princess has called in her star pupil, Twilight Sparkle, to investigate the Tear and find out what exactly is on the other side...

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and just when things were getting interesting the chapter ends :fluttercry:

Well, a few quirks with the fic here and there... but nothing major. You have my interest thus far. :trixieshiftright:


You get a fave - I am expecting more.

I wasn't expecting a single read, now I have comments and favorites and other fimfic swag.

Expect me to step my game up now. New chapters should be added at least every other day.

And... yep, humans are dicks.:facehoof:

this story is amazing so far dude. keep writing because you're doing a great job. :twilightsmile:

751800 The same guy who thinks people can just science him up something.

why does it say end of chapter 2 at the bottom? I thought this was chapter 3?:rainbowhuh:

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