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I'm a 50ish :) newspaper copy editor who discovered anime in depth in 1997. I started writing "FiM" fan fiction with "Tales" in February 2011.


In a universe outside "The Cutie Mark Chronicles," grandmare Twilight Sparkle recalls the "interesting times" of her life: Her marriage, parenthood, widowhood. Her friends' deaths, tragedies, triumphs. Mystery, suspense and intrigue. And the greatest secret of one baby dragon.

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Well, this just might be the first fic where Earth Ponies die young compared to the Pegasi and Unicorns. Can't say I think highly of them being underrated like they commonly are.:ajbemused::facehoof:. Personal opinion aside, this is pretty good. Only thing off from a technical standpoint is Twilight's lack of verbosity. Finding long words in a dictionary and excuses to use them always seems to help.

I will never read this.

I didn't read it when it was on Equestria Daily and I won't read it now.


I will not succumb to your manly tear inducing words!

Not bad. It was really well written and the perspective was nicely done. I have always enjoyed reading stuff from the view of the mind. I must say though, I didn't really get attached to the story. Maybe it was how un-Twilight she sounded in the story :applejackunsure: Still a great piece of writing, just not really my style.

this is THAT one isnt it?

Shadow Star:

Um ... yes ...? :rainbowderp:

Oh, wondrous day! I had no idea this had been posted here.
I just wanted to tell you that from the day this was posted on Equestria Daily, it has been my absolute favorite fan-fiction. Thank you for writing this.


You're welcome. And thank you for thinking so highly of it. I know it had to become alternate-universe after a while, but I had fun writing it. Thanks again! :raritywink:

This was very well written, and at times sad; the grammar is, for the most part, quite decent as well. But! You make me sad. Not only within the story, but also because of how interesting the world you created is. It just feels like so much more could be done and fleshed out. I want to know more. In addition, I also feel like the chapters should have been longer, but hey, what's done is done... Besides, your story has a certain character about it which I genuinely like, not in small part due to the length of individual chapters.

1430731 Thanks! I'm glad you liked the story. I admit I kept most of the chapters short to keep with the off-the-top-of-her-head nature of Twilight's anecdotes. And I'm flattered that you wanted to know more about the universe I created. :twilightsmile:

I favorited this story a long time ago, but I never really commented about it.
I think I've read this story at least four or five times now. It's one of the first fics that I've read, and probably the first one that I ever did truly like. And each time, I notice a little detail that I had forgotten or didn't realize. It mixes sadness and hope such that reading it gives a surreal feeling. I wish this story got more attention here, but I digress. Thank you for writing it.

1441079 You're welcome, and thank YOU for reading and enjoying it. :pinkiehappy: I will say this: I've noticed that the reception here hasn't been as unqualifiedly enthusiastic as it was on fanfiction.net. :applecry: But the story was a new experience on fanfiction.net in early 2011. It's old news now, after more than a year and a half, and readers have moved on. But occasionally, a fan like you comes along and makes me glad again that I wrote it. Thanks again! :raritywink:


Oh woah, this is on here. I'm glad I can finally fave it. This story really is worth the doublethink needed to appreciate it after it's been so thoroughly bulldozed by canon.

I enjoyed this. The Rarity bits made me sad about her loneliness. Apart of me thinks she did have some sort of romantic feelings for Spike, but never acted upon it because she thought he was a child and a dragon. But not acting upon those feelings caused her to be forever alone with only her fame, fortune, and her occasional visits to Twilight. :fluttercry:

Alright, so perhaps this story is unreasonably good. I mean, I've never cried from reading (still haven't) but I came as close as I'm going to. I mean, for heaven's sake, Rainbow Dash's chapter was condensed bloody misery you bastard. Still, everything that wasn't sad as all fuck was pretty freakin' fine. So yeah, hats off to you. Like, all the hats.

Not entirely into the notion that AJ died after only a few decades. Seems odd when Granny Smith lived so darned long...unless AJ wore herself out I can't imagine Earth Ponies not living as long as most humans. Also it seems Twilight wasn't as perceptive of the intelligence of others or she was unaware of the axiom that one's silence does not indicate the ratio of one's intelligence.

"My father will die soon. All he wants is to be remembered. He made Equestria what it is. I want everypony to always know that. Don't disappoint him."

Then she leaned her face close to mine, narrowed her eyes and said – really, really seriously – "And don't disappoint me, librarian …"

...well...that's...odd. Why is Celestia being so...stern with Twilight? I mean, she's practically Twilight's second mother. Seems rather cold of her to call Twilight "librarian" like that.

4237095 Glad you got to Chapter 6, in any event. :pinkiehappy: She's not exactly the Celestia we know from the series. This is an "alternate universe" story, and in this AU, I've imagined that Celestia is a bit more of an autocrat: "We'll do what I say. This discussion is over." :trollestia:

4236961 This was written is early 2011, about when the first season ended. There were quite a few things that hadn't been established yet. I think I said AJ, Pinkie and Big Mac lived for decades, and that's true of a real pony/horse/donkey/mule. At the time, I thought that unicorns and pegasi, being "mystical," were likely to have different, "mystical" aging patterns from those of earth ponies. That they'd thus live longer than "mundane" (literal sense) earth ponies that had no "mystical" qualities. The question has been raised before. If I were inclined to rewrite "Tale," I might address the issue. But think of this: You've seen old earth ponies. We've not been shown a truly OLD unicorn or pegasus. The princesses -- who are part pegasus and part unicorn (AND part earth pony, I like to believe) -- are at least a thousand years old. They don't look it. :trollestia:

4236961 Re: Big Mac sounding "slow." Again, an early impression after the first season. Not that I ever thought he was stupid, just taciturn. And in the story, AJ makes it clear to Twilight that, frankly, she (Twi) is wrong about Big Mac. :eeyup:

GAH! This is getting kinda bleak, lol.

Not bad. It was a tad bleak at times but there were some interesting ideas. I'm glad in the end that this was listed as "alternate universe" as several things seemed out of character for many characters but it was still fascinating on your concepts of how that world works and all so I was fine with it, really.

4242515 Well, I've learned from readers that "Tales" is an acquired taste. :yay: In any event, I'm glad you like it overall. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

4243981 An acquired taste? Yeah it can be I suppose. I still do really appreciate your world building more than anything. Some of the things that happened to the main characters were a bit...dark and a tad depressing sometimes. Can't say I liked Earth ponies dying so fast and the idea of Rainbow Dash dying like that and the almost brainwashing of Fluttershy and Celestia's cool attitude towards Twilight was odd to say the least. No mention of the Elements of Harmony either so...were they heroes? I dunno, in certain ways I like the ideas in that recent story with Spike and Rarity. That one and Tales seems to have some similar ideas but I think I like that a tad better. It's a bit brighter in a way and more optimistic.

Darn it man, the feels... and yes, I do realize just how old of a fic I am commenting on.

It's worth bearing in mind that this was originally written during the first season, long before FiMFic was a thing. There was no timeline for the characters besides the thousand years Luna had been in the moon for. In some ways this was good; it allowed for a lot of diverse interpretations of Equestrias history and discuss, but it also means they're hopelessly out of date in terms of canon through no fault of their own.

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