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I like ponies.

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Thanks for letting me know the images were broken. I've fixed the images in both posts:
Hope you find the graphs and charts interesting.

Your blog "Defining the Readers of each Genre" looks really interesting! I hope that the embedded images for it can be updated, and of course that you'll post more of your musings over time. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow!

I appreciate the gesture! Hope your following spree brings you back some good memories.

I'm doing well! I haven't been spending all that much time on the site myself, recently. But I'm going through old stories from the Pony Fiction Vault - thinking I'm gonna blog some reviews of the stories, or something. Then I can start actually contributing to the site. :trollestia:


Long time indeed! I know, right?

Why am I following you? Well, I have found that my follow list is lacking in the friends/readers I used to know back inna day, so I'm being a bit OCD and making DARN SURE that it includes ALL the folks I liked from... yannow, when I actually contributed to this site? How long ago was that again? Twelve years previous or something? I forget now.

How ARE you??

  • Viewing 142 - 146 of 146
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Vault Stories: Part I - Allegrezza to A Common Sky · 8:44am Jul 31st, 2017

Most readers who were active in the fandom from late 2011 to late 2013 are probably at least passingly aware of RBDash47’s Pony Fiction Vault. The Vault was created in order to preserve stories, with 47 painstakingly spending time converting every entrant into a usable eBook format (back when Fimfiction’s downloader didn’t work and alternatives either didn’t exist or weren’t very well known). In addition--and perhaps most importantly--

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Report Sypher · 103 views · #PonyFictionVault #review