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Always on the lookout for excellent sci-fi stories!

Thank you for favouriting "Equestria 485,000"; I am glad you liked it.

Iced of either is good in my book!

Tea or coffee?

Thanks for letting me know the images were broken. I've fixed the images in both posts:
Hope you find the graphs and charts interesting.

  • Viewing 146 - 150 of 150
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Vault Stories: Part II – Constellations to Eternal · 7:41pm June 12th

Constellations | The Conversion Bureau | Creeping Darkness | A Cup of Joe | Cupcakes
Dancing on Silver Strings | Daylight Burning | Diary of a Ruler | A Drop of Sunlight | Eternal

Some lessons I’ve learned preparing this set:
1. Write better notes so you don’t have to reread the story.
2. Sometimes it’s really hard to find Suggested Reading.
3. Appreciate all the folks who take the time to write reviews, it’s bloody hard.

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