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I am not a person, but I play one on TV.

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  • TLost
    A great disaster has covered the world in snow and hidden the lights of the kingdom which used to glow in the west. In the days after the disaster, Facet struggles across the changed world to bring a group of foals to safety.
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    My name's Frog. It's a strange name, I admit. It set me on the path to being a blues man, and that path started with the biggest mistake of my life. Lemme tell you the story.
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    Rainbow Dash gets killed by some jerk in a storm cloud. Not a great way to start an evening, and it only gets more annoying from there. Turns out, that jerk and his hunters want Dash as their prey. It's kind of a bummer. But she's got other ideas.
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    Dragging his grievously injured comrade through enemy territory, a pony travels back toward Equestria.
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    Where did griffons come from? Here is the tale passed down from hen to chick since the earliest days of the world, when Mother Hen hatched us all.
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  • EThe Trials Three
    In a time long ago, a colt mistakenly found his way into the land of faerie. Three challenges were put before him, with his freedom as the prize.
    NorsePony · 8k words  ·  86  1 · 1.5k views

Shadow of Cygnus did a dramatic reading of my story Lost, and it's neat as hell. · 6:25am Aug 25th, 2016

Seriously though, this shit is great. Dude is a fantabulous reader and gives a great performance. If you liked Lost, go check out Shadow of Cygnus' reading.

Report NorsePony · 582 views · Story: Lost · #reading #Lost
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This was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much! I can see what you mean and after writing out a brief plan of how the next 30 or so chapters were going to go then looking at this I can see that this prologue I have written is not needed.

This shouldn't be in the prologue at all, because this is just you telling-not-showing the first chapter or two of the story. It would make sense if this were a sequel story and the prologue was meant to catch the reader up on what happened in the earlier stories, but in a first story this just seems massively lazy.

Okay, I will admit to being lazy with this. I understand what you mean by telling-not-showing here and I think that I will keep the prologue but I won't end up using it in the actual story. Thanks for really explaining this for me. (Sorry but the thread was locked and I couldn't reply in the normal way. Again, thanks for the help!)

Hi NorsePony! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

I thought it said Porse Nony..

550920 Hah, that's awesome.

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