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I am not a person, but I play one on TV.


My name's Frog. It's a strange name, I admit. It had a lot to do with my choice of profession, but that's not really what this story is about, although it's at the heart of it. This story here is about how I started being a blues man, and how I stopped being a blues man.

Y'see, years back, I made the biggest mistake of my life, and everything followed on from there.

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Entertaining read. I like the idea of Devil Octavia.

You actually earned an upvote.

Congratulations. I don't do that often.

6299123 I will cherish it forever. : D

6299382 As you should.

In all seriousness, though, very good. Reminded me, for various reasons, of Charles Beaumont's "Black Country" - which I consider to be the best short story ever written, so good on you there.

I don't know how to word this exactly, but this story had a lot of charm to it. The narration just had this really special voice, and everything felt sooo... I dunno, stylized? I'm no good at this reviewing thing, but basically the story was super cool 'n stuff. Favorited for sure.

Thanks for the read!

6301696 Thanks. : )

6303118 I appreciate the praise a bunch, thanks for saying so. :heart:

I like it a lot... I won't go out there and make a big thing about it and use '!' to say that, but rather than like it... I love it... simple as that. (I heard What a wonderful world while reading this... I don't know why but it struck a cord when mixed with this... didn't cry just got a bit emotional... and it was liquid pride.)

“I want Thistledown to be happy for the rest of her time.”

Thirty minutes later, Thistledown -- having decided on a whim to stop at an unfamiliar restaurant, and now in the midst of the best meal of her life -- leans back in her chair with a blissful smile, and closes her eyes.

Right before a ceiling support beam detaches and plummets straight toward her head.

6306297 I'm not saying it was devils... but it was devils.

The number of human(unponified) words renders it confusing if the main character is a pony or human before the Octavia Deal.

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