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  • The Lessons of Eternity It has been over 100 years since Celestia and Twilight's relationship collapsed, since they've seen or spoken to each other. But when Twilight appears in the royal palace, that century of silence will come to an end. Very, very politely. by Fedora Mask 4,007 words · 10,790 views · 1,163 likes · 27 dislikes
  • In Search of Lost Friends (Who Aren't Actually Lost) Realizing her friends might someday move away, Twilight resolves to have AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE. by Fedora Mask 20,836 words · 1,684 views · 83 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Twilight Sparkle vs The Equestrian Library Association To keep her job at the library, Twilight Sparkle must face her greatest challege, one which will push her very sanity to the breaking point. No, not the Cosmic Horror stirring in the dreamvoid between universes, worse: Library Patrons. by Fedora Mask 19,680 words · 5,867 views · 546 likes · 10 dislikes

Story Promoting: Celestia Cannot Sleep · 2:14am Apr 22nd, 2016

Hey, guys! Have I got a story for you!

Like a fic. Not like, a personal anecdote. That sort of story.

And it's not really my story, so obviously understanding "got" in its most colloquial sense. Well, the broad colloquial sense, not the common "Have I got a story for you" meaning that I'm about to tell you the story. What I'm actually going to do is link you to the story and--

You know what? Let's try this again.

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I refer you to my previous comment.

1069184 Short answer: yes, I am still working on things.

Longer answer: I was busy writing The Terrifying Prospect of Swans in Love for a while, and then some non-pony things, and now I'm slowly getting back to ELA. It's going to be a bit, I'm afraid.

Also, if 2 months is your definition of "not touched in a while," (to the point of asking if the project is dead) I have a feeling my update schedule is going to disappoint you... don't get me wrong, I'd love to write faster, but it's not a skill I have mastered yet. That, and at any given point I am like the mighty iceberg: for every one project that sticks out above the surface I am actually working on 9 other things that nobody knows about (although many of them are not pony-related).

Though admittedly not having made a blog post in a month is a little bit unusual for me after the relative flurry of activity that was January/February.

On the bright side ELA is probably only going to be 4 chapters, maybe 5 if I find more breaking points.

Hi! Um... are you still writing? I want to read Twilight VS. the Librarians story, but it seems to have not been touched in some time.

Thanks for the Fav! And the Pimping! And the Editing! And quite possibility inspiring me to get into writing Fanfiction. Also going on walks with me at like 1 in the morning. And...

Just Thanks.

Your name is awesome. Derpy is wearing a Fedora.:derpytongue2:


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