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It's Ponyville's 100th birthday, and Mayor Mare has a plan. Like all great plans, it is simple:

1) Give the greatest speech she's ever written.
2) Impress everypony in the audience (including Princess Celestia).
3) Get out of this hick town with its hick politics, and take her rightful place among the Canterlot Council.

She's even got Granny Smith, Ponyville's oldest and most scatterbrained living resident to give the opening remarks. After an introduction like that, there's no way she could look anything but spectacular. Right?

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Leave it to Granny Smith to take the wind out of the Mayor's sails, then put it right back, stronger than ever, and leaving everyone feeling good about Ponyville.
Nicely done. Have a moustache. :moustache:

Other pony's reactions:

"How should I feel about a shrine dedicated to me being a book? I mean, sure, it's flattering, but it's also kind of really insulting, isn't it?"

"Best speech from the mayor to date! Man, and I thought I was fast."

"Party, party, party, party, ponies, pony party, PARTY!"

"Maybe Winona might want a playdate sometime, huh, Applejack, huh?" :applecry:

Time Turner: Eeyup.

And then Big Mac blinked, staring at the doctor in confusion.

"That's what *I* was gunna say!"

The two then went out, had a few ciders together and have been best mates since.

Gee, Granny, way to ruin the Mayor's dreams like that :ajbemused:

This reminded me of Cloud Wander's "Today I Will be a Princess". Have you read that one?

3104492 I have sadly not read CW's stuff except for the excellent Tonight I Shall Be Laughter. His entire body of work has been on my read later list for ages, though, because that fic was great and his blog posts are routinely thoughtful, perceptive, and funny and/or touching as the mood calls for.

I'll be sure to jump that one up a few slots though.

Jump it up a few more- he's just started what looks to be a hilarious sequel.

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