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Places Pieces By Pigs May Be Perused · 9:33am Nov 8th, 2013

People often approach me and say things like 'Piggy, you magnificently handsome and talented swine, I know that all of your equine-related stories can be found on fimfiction, but perchance do you happen to write other delightful tales of whimsy? And if so, where might I partake in them?'

And so I must tell them no, I do not write other delightful stories. In point of fact I have never written a delightful story to date, they are all universally terrible and it baffles me that so many people seem to enjoy them. And then I sigh heavily, lean against my cane and tell them of a pig. A pig who writes many kinds of stories, in a far away land called tumblr. A pig of wit, and character, who is getting as tired of this running joke as anybody reading it likely did a paragraph back, and is thus going to stop.

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How are you, my good porcine professor?

951175 Well enough. :twilightsmile: And yourself?

How the deuce are you, old bean?


349729 It doesn't sound at all creepy to me - I'm grateful you like my stuff so much, and flattered that I'm one of your favourites. :twilightsmile: Your writing is good, too, and I look forward to getting your TMP submissions.

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