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My name is Dave. Artemis is my OC Pony. I've been avoiding fimfiction because I wanted to avoid the fandom but I miss reading your fabulous stories so here I am. I might write someday.

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*maniacal laughter*

I don't know what you're getting at.


32045 That's true. Just don't linger over long. Too many will make you crazy. Like me! :pinkiecrazy:


Heh so maybe I didn't forget to submit. Yay I'm not stupid! Well, I am... but you know. Oh well, there's no shortage of fanfics to entertain me without me having to go crazy trying to make my ideas a reality :pinkiehappy:

32033 If it's what you want to write, write it. :rainbowlaugh: You can't publish anything that's less than 1000 words though - word limit. :pinkiesad2:



Okay definitely not submitting. Freakin' 707 words. Maybe if I actually tried to write it >_>

Ah well it's just another HiE story so no big. Maybe I'll come up with a better idea sooner or later. I'll probably read yours too. Maybe. :D

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