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An ever expanding collection of oneshots and short little stories that will likely cover a range of themes, but almost all will be shippy.

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Hm, intriguing. I will look forward for more oneshots!

The Gummy part was awesome lol! :rainbowkiss:

Everything I said before remains true. I love these. Your characters sound just so perfectly themselves, and these pieces display your very particular and gentle brand of humor. :pinkiehappy:

Oh wow.
I just read the description and I already gave it a thumbs up. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome, it's finally up. This is some great work here, especially the way you handle the characters, and I'm really looking forward to any more you do. :pinkiesmile:

Confession time: I didn't write this in half an hour. I know, I know - I'm a monster. And that, dear friends, is why you'll not find it on thirty minute ponies. You'll not find it anywhere except right here. It is my gift. To you. From my heart.

In all seriousness though - 'twas inspired by the prompt, at least, so I'm putting it here. :twilightsmile:

732372 And I you, my dear Obselescence. And I you.
732384 Yes, do. I am apparently far more proficient at writing them than actually updating my stories. :twilightsheepish
732710 Why thank you. I often fight my urge to include Gummy in everything I write, so I'm glad just letting it happen worked out. :pinkiehappy:
733383 I'm glad you like them, DB. They're a lot of fun to write. The third chapter is, incidentally, dedicated entirely to you. :pinkiesmile:
733422 May your journey bring you home safe, and hopefully having enjoyed yourself.
734561 I'm glad you like them. :pinkiesmile: It's a lot of fun, and it's also a good chance to practice with characters I don't usually write - I will perfect my Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and whatever that other ones name is before they appear in Twice Shy, or I will give up my Professorship!

Thanks folks. Means a lot. :twilightsmile:

Well, at least Twilight still has her friends. Can't win em all, after all.

Oh, I did.
And it was a journey through a land of wonder and excitement.
You word things so well, it's unbelievable. The characters that you describe have their own personalities, and you make every little detail count. There's no rushing, it's a very steady rate, which is good.
These things are all true. Everybody knows it. :pinkiesmile:

My favorite detail, I think, is how Gummy put Rarity off drinking anything at Pinkie's place. But all of the details are lovely, especially Twilight going to a sort of strange detachment (which makes sense by story's end) to that burst of love for her friends at the end of the story.

Though, really, my main take-away from this story is "RainbowPie rules, TwiPie drools!" Hee. You're so mean. :raritywink: :pinkiehappy:

735758 That's very true indeed - and they love her, just the same.
736000 Thanks, Akemi. I appreciate that. :twilightsmile: And I'm glad you enjoyed it.
736594 I know! I'm totally a horrible person. Though you'll note I didn't attempt to criticise TwiPie - merely made it not happen. So my meanness is mitigated, a little. And I'm glad you liked the details - Rarity, in particular, I was a little worried about here characterisation-wise, as well as apathetic Twi of course. And anyway! You already got your TwiPie. The very first story in the collection is one. So I'm not mean at all! So there. :derpytongue2:
740145 :pinkiehappy:

You are one of the least mean people I have ever known. And I really did dig the story--ALL of the stories, really. :twilightsmile:

743758 I'm glad. Same is true of all yours. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I'm going to be honest - this is now a compilation for every short thing I write that I want to share, provided it has ponies. This is not thirty minute ponies. :twilightsheepish: This was inspired by this comic and the comments made on it by Donny's Boy. And also by AbsoluteAnonymous, who is totally to blame for my need to write Gummy every chance I get.

I love you guys.

Poor lil Pinkie, it had to happen eventually. Oh well, at least it's best for the lil gator to live in the wild.

I have a feeling you will never leave Gummy alone ever again after Supplementary Materials.

All of my loooooooooove. :heart:

GUMMY! :fluttershysad:

746256 That is an entirely slanderous and one hundred percent accurate claim, sir. I am shocked and offended. Hmph. :moustache:
746958 Of course. I'm super lovable. :pinkiehappy:
747012 It's okay, DB. Soon Twilight will cast a cloudwalking spell on him and he'll move in with Dash, leading to their wedding and a happily ever after for them both. It's a happy ending. I promise!

748042 Except when the spell wears off... :trixieshiftright:

748067 I didn't say they lived in the clouds. I said they got married there. You see, Dash and Gummy are presently estranged - Dash finally realised Gummy could beat her at arm wrestling, now, and combined with the fact his hat doesn't fit him anymore well...she didn't take it so well. But Pinkie and Twilight have conspired to help him win her back.

He will swoop into the clouds on his majestic legs, and serenade her with his smooth, rapturous voice and Dash will realise they're made for one another. Then they get married, and relocate to a ground house with a third story made of clouds.

See? I have it all planned out.

Gummy's voice = Barry White. HEAD CANON ACCEPTED.

748366 Excellent. That brings the total conversion count up to...I have no idea.

But it is also my headcanon, so I am pleased you find it to your liking. :pinkiesmile:

???? Umm, what? :rainbowhuh: I dont get this whole chapter. What is going on? I only understand a lil bit of the end but nothing else.

Hmm hmm hmm... Now that is definitely an interesting pairing. That was kinda heartless of Fluttershy, though.

But yea, it looks like nothing from the prompt.

752405 Essentially, Daring Do is holding a press conference in Canterlot for her newest book, when her ex-girlfriend whom she still loves (this being Fluttershy) walks up onto the stage and starts talking to her, causing her to panic and publically attack (verbally) 'Shy. When she realises how much Shy's freaking out she ends the conference, comforts her and insults her quite a few times as Shy apparently broke her heart quite brutally - for which Shy apologises, sincerely, though DD doesn't buy it.

Anyways - turns out that Rainbow Dash is hurt, and due to a feeble excuse I threw in at the last minute (a magic relic that may be able to heal her if the Princess and the others can't find a solution) Fluttershy came to beg for Daring Do's help in retrieving said relic. Daring is.. less than happy about this, but because she genuinely wants Shy to be happy she agrees to help out. There's a lot more backstory to this than actually appeared, because of the time limit, so I'm sorry if it was confusing.

752542 Well. to be fair 'tis never stated what Fluttershy actually did. Just that she regrets it terribly and it cut Daring pretty deep. But honestly? Yes. And it's probably worse than what you're picturing in your head. And yeah, I know it doesn't. It was still inspired by the prompt, though, so I'm told it totally counts. :twilightblush:

752570 :heart::yay:

753758 thanks for the explanation. This could be actually a pretty good story. With a prolog where the things between Daring and Shy get explained, how Rainbow had this accident, this scene and the whole adventure. maybe with Twilight and the others help Daring or just Dare and Shy.

753844 It could be - it would have been, and I'm still tempted to make it such - but since the idea is to test yourself in a half hour, this is what I ended up with. I may expand on it, in the distant future where Twice Shy is completed and I have finished baking delicious ApplePie for Donny's Boy, because I do like the idea.

Though I maintain that it's already pretty good, because writer bias and Daring Do is fun to write. :derpytongue2: It could be actually good, though.

And yeah, if I was going to write a full story I'd definitely have the others around in a less poorly explained fashion - whether they'd be included on the adventure itself or not, I'm unsure. But I'd not just leave them out, as I did here - that's just a result of anything that wasn't Daring or Shy being tangential to the story, and me having a time limit. :twilightblush:

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. I shall try and do better next time. :twilightsmile:

753907 oh no no no, i never said i dont like it. i just didnt understand this part with Dare and Shy. the rest of "A Study In Nonsense" is pretty good. And for 1h (really just 1 hour per story? or half an hour) they all are good. and like i said before: this idea with Dare and Shy is definitely one i would like to read about in an full story.

753962 Oh, well I'm glad you enjoyed it then. :pinkiehappy: And yeah - half an hour a story, except for that Twilight one. Technically, this one took thirty two minutes, but don't tell anyone - that's a secret. :derpytongue2: Yeah. I may do that, actually - this or another idea that's stewing around in my head shall be full stories, one o' these days.

Thanks for the feedback, by the way - always appreciated. :pinkiesmile:

753997 no prob. its quite nice to actually tell an autor he/she/it wrote a good story. normaly i would probably just say stuff a dozend guys already said or some generic: "You write many words that sound good" because i cant think of something better.

753844 Um... no. No prolog. That's like serving cake first, and only after that giving first and second. It ruins the whole appetite. What happened before should be delivered by bits and pieces during the adventure itself so we could piece the whole picture ourselves. Way more fun that way. Also, an adventure into a dangerous temple, with 6 ponies.... Yea, I can see a ton of stuff going wrong. Bad kind of wrong. They probably should have roles outside of the adventure, and Daring and Shy going on it by themselves.

753997 Would be neat if you did this one as a story, actually. :pinkiesmile: But that's your decision entirely, and I learned to trust your decisions, Professor. :twilightsmile:

756377 Oh, I'd totally have a prologue. It'd not actually say very much, of course - it'd probably be dear Daring remembering happier times, in a short dreamy kind of way. *Nod* Though yes, the what and why would totally come in story intermissions - carefully parceled out into the cruelest and most diabolical hooks I could forge, for your enjoyment. And yeah, they wouldn't all be around - but I'd probably have at least one accompany them, so I can have some kind of interaction beyond 'Fluttershy being constantly sniped at in the most horrible way Daring can thing of.'

I'm...very tempted. Once I get the other short sorted out I'll probably hold a little vote, so it won't BE my decision. I have too many ideas, and not enough time for them all. :twilightblush: But I'm flattered you trust me.

754059 Well, all feedback is always welcome - if a dozen people say it's good, that's one more whole person worth of good work you know you did. That's how it is for me, anyways - but it's always helpful to hear something more specific, too, and I'm glad I could help you understand it. :twilightsmile:

I, sir, am in your comments box, monopolising your attention. :pinkiehappy:

So, these stories are for the 30 minutes pony prompts, huh? Interesting. I'd do it myself, but...I can barely even manage 100 words in 45 minutes, never mind 1000 in half an hour. :rainbowlaugh: Interestingly, I thought the Dash really carried this prompt with her little witticisms and poor standards, rather than anything actually dramatic. The floating cake was a very nice touch, though.

Also, it seems you were skirting the deadline when you finished this; the last paragraph doesn't read quite so well as I've come to expect from you, and has a couple of mistakes in terms of punctuation (needs an apostrophe in the last lets, since the context makes it a contraction of 'let us', and a full stop or something after 'she giggled' would be nice). However, whilst it's plenty easy for me to criticise since I specialise in short pieces and have had so much practice with them, it's very good considering the timeframe it took place in. :twilightsmile:

781852 The last paragraph was written in the very last minute - less than that actually. So yeah, it's definitely unpolished. :rainbowlaugh: And yeah, Dash totally carries the story - it seems to be a habit of mine actually. Story dragging? Dash. Dash and Rarity make everything better. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the unpolishedness - at least I FINISHED this one. The first 30 minute ponies I wrote is less than quarter of a story. I think the next few improve the ending...ness. By being better.

And you always monopolise my attention, sir. It's the accent I think. Very commanding. Also, you should totally try it - I'm generally the same when I write, but when I'm doing it for TMP it's like it pours out. Lots of fun. :pinkiehappy:

Hm, definitely feeling your control of Fluttershy through this one. You seem so much more confident with her to me. Good work!

804141 I think that may just be 'cause 'Shy herself is a little more confident here, but thank you anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe so, but I definitely felt that you were more on your metaphorical 'groove' (ohgod I'm a 90's kid and I just used the word groove do I lose my 90's license panic panic panic) with this chapter than with the preceding one. I'm somewhat of an idiot though, so it might just be coincidence.

804277 Ha. No, not coincidence - The previous one was only my second attempt at a thirty minute story and so it's much more rushed than this (though this is still rushed.) Plus, this is entirely from 'Shy's perspective and she is by far the one I have the most practice writing. (Two and a half stories from 2500 - 8000 words for a SUPER SECRET PROJECT OF AWESOMENESS since Twice Shy.) I'm really glad the improvement shows. :yay:

And no, but I have to deduct a few points from your license and you have some forms to fill out. If you make further infringements within the next six months you will have to submit to a written exam to prove you grew up in the nineties - it sounds harsh, but be grateful you didn't use the phrase 'lets book it' or something similar. That's an immediate loss of license and a years community service/reeducation as a nineties stereotype.

Be more careful in future.

*smiling, until the end*
"Twilight Sparkle, will you marry me?"
Was this...a prompt? :rainbowhuh:

804588 It was indeed. About Twi and Pinkie doing karaoke. Since the prompt giver for the day ships TwiPie and is a friend of mine, and since I always figured Pinkie the type to propose by serenade, I decided to combine those two things as a gift. Not what I usually ship, or even close, but I think it turned out okay.

Not a fan?

...I would make a comment about the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, or Kenan and Kel, but that would only confirm that I've been on the internet sometime in the past three years. 90's stuff tends to be pretty memetastic. Oh well. I still have my noughties licence. Do I lose that for doing stuff like listing 'rave' as a method of transport and lamenting the sad decline of rock music?

I prefer RainbowPie~ :pinkiesmile::rainbowkiss:

804675 No. Those earn you points - they show both taste and rebellious nineties attitude. Now stop worrying so much - you are the epitome of a nineties gentlepony.

804895 Good taste. I do, myself.

Meh, I found it easily comprehensible, though the revelation that the ex was Fluttershy set me back a bit.
Interesting. Now I see what you were talking about in your blog. The thing is, this personality you've given Daring Do? She's more educated Rainbow Dash.
I suppose that makes Fluttershy leaving one for the other a bit ironic. She has a clear type, at least.

Ah, I see, that Dash/Rarity ship of yours started at the Best Young Fliers Competition. That makes that pairing suddenly make sense.

807078 Rarity tried to start it then. Dash kept getting bored and grumpy with all the romantic stuff and didn't click. This continued until Rarity snapped and asked Dash out Dash style.

So yeah, in this story it did. If I ever write one I dunno if it will or won't. :pinkiehappy:

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