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Bronies new zealand divison


seeing as i have somepony waching me... · 11:02am May 14th, 2012

Might as well post this seeing as somepony is waching me. Im not that much of a writter I made this acount to save fic's to my tracking list but lately ive had some ideas making noise upstars so I might get round to wrighting. who knows i gess we'll have to wait and see. Aside from that its cool to see my first follower is a New Zealander. Cheers from palmy Manawatu

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Another from christchurch here:pinkiehappy:

There seems to be nobody from Hawkes Bay... :ajbemused:

Hey, I'm yet another New Zealander. I live in Christchurch, Anyone else?

Don't mean to be rude here, but is anyone actually going to make a New Zealand Bronies group on FiM Fiction soon...? I'd like to have a group like that...
if you don't mind that is..? :fluttershyouch:

I'm yellin at you from dunedin!
I know a total of... one other bronies down here in the south, but the rest may be hiding.
Anyway, this comment is far to hipster for my liking thanks to that overly energetic intro so I'm gonna stop while I still have some dignity left.

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