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"Darling darling darling!" said Twilight.

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Hi there!

I hope you enjoy what I write - expect some ABDL/ageplay content, but also a lot of cloppy oneshots whenever I feel inspired!

Feel free to talk to me any time! :)

- Hodge

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I'm now open for commissions :3c · 4:56pm Dec 14th, 2017

Hello pony pals!

I don't expect to get many takers for this but just as an FYI, I'm now taking commissions for one shot pony smut and/or ABDL fics:

  • 0.4 cents per word - I'll round down the cost to the nearest 10 cents.
  • Minimum length is 1250 words ($5), because I genuinely don't think I can write less than 1250 words for any kind of scene, and also because I want a minimum to say 'pay me this much ($5) in advance, the rest afterwards'.

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Would you be willing to take a fic request?

Sooooooo, I lost my mind today. And it happened as I was reading your story Tending Twilight. I had curiousities from a previous story I had heard called Patty Cake (If that is how it was spelled). I saw that you hadn't touched it in a while, and sent a dm to you about it. I then decided that I had to read to see if I would be willing to hope for more to come.

I read the first chapter: Ok, this is awkward, but its expected.
I read the second chapter: Well, I can see how she got that idea. Still waiting for the kicker.
I started reading the third chapter: Now they talk about it. Now she sees that it was all misunderstood. .........................
I finished the third chapter: *foaming at the mouth with scratches all over the face* ...finish it...please...for my sanity...new chapter soon...

I can't wait to finish this story.


Your wish is my command - but you might not like what you get! :P

Patiently awaits next chapter of Tending Twilight.


Nope, sorry! But now that I've looked them up, I'm amused at the coincidence. :P

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