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Hi, I'm British, and you're reading a bunch of stuff you don't really care about! Yay! Go easy on me, I'm still finding my way around.

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The Walking Dead; Or, My Plans · 6:21pm Jun 4th, 2014

The planets have aligned, hype has been gathered, and I'm now back. The logical step now is to outline in somewhat more detail what I'm going to be doing, so far as I've actually planned that in advance.

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there are few things that make as good of news as seeing a good writer come back. wooooooo

though I'll be a bit sad if you totally drop fear of the fall

Would you mind checking out a short one shot I wrote called "The Line". I would really appreciate it, and constructive criticism is always highly valued! ^-^ Sorry for posting it on your userpage, but my PM's don't seem to be working as of right now. feel free to delete this message after youve read it.

I'd also like to know how you feel about me sending messages/posts like this to many people each day. Would you consider it spam, despite the fact that I only send it to a person once. Furthermore, I leave people who want nothing to do with me alone after the first message, and message back every single person who did reply, and is interested. Would you consider this spam?

(I am currently in a bit of an issue regarding this.)

You have a drinking game for your stories... You sir, are a god. Well done!

Oh, hey, thanks for the recommendation. :twilightsmile:

How've you been, by the way?

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Stuff I did that isn't important enough to spam blogs about

7th March 2013:
-Finally started Fear. I had a lot of good ideas in the time between when I should have started it and when I did start it, so the lax scheduling hasn't gone to waste at all.