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Hi, I'm British, and you're reading a bunch of stuff you don't really care about! Yay! Go easy on me, I'm still finding my way around.

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Reminded me being in a state like that once. Good old days!

Epic! Fav'ed for bringing my memories back! :pinkiehappy:

I love it.

I also love how Twi gets her revenge in the end. This is karma at its finest.

Also. Plundering booties. Eheheheheheheheee.

Glorious. Twilight's inner monologue is perfect, and the bickering is brilliant. Loved it.

And then sex happened.
Absolutely brilliant.

:pinkiehappy: “Ooh! Twilight, can I help clean the library too?”
pinkie at her finest and weirdest i like it

I thought I recognised the title. Do you like the show as well? :raritywink:

You'd probably like the original Three Men In A Boat, then. It's hilarious.
There could have been many alternate titles to this story, such as 'Bad things happen to Twilight Sparkle for roughly 4000 words', or, 'Rainbow Dash and Applejack have an argument for some ill-defined reason.' (I, too, giggled about the plundering of the booties.)
Glad to have entertained you. :twilightsmile:
Some things in life are truly inevitable. This was one of them.
It did happen, but between whom (or what) is a story for another day. :pinkiesmile:
It is, but what it actually means is that Pinkie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are all going to be in the same room for roughly a day. There probably won't be a library left at the end of it. :moustache:
I actually wasn't aware of Three Mares In A Boat being used before, but then again, I'm so very rarely up to date with the fandom. Or, wait...Are you talking about the Three Men In A Boat tv series with Dara O Briain in it? (The actual thing I was referencing in the title was the original Three Men In A Boat written by Jerome K. Jerome.)

2172001 The sex was between Pinkie and Twilight, while Dash and AJ had to clean up the library and get stuck listening to the show!

If only because we need more awkwardness and tension.

She did say she wanted to especially plunder Twilight's booty.


I'm not sure if that addition would make Twilight's revenge disproportionate or not. Depends if AJ and Dash also have to do the laundry.


She has to have revenge for her jam sammiches too. Because if she doesn't, then who will?

I thought this might be a Life of Pi satire, glad it didn't end the same way. great fic, pretty funny banter.

Your writing and appledash? magic.

Plundering booties :pinkiehappy: oh Pinkie

This was fun, Twilight getting mad in that unique way of hers is always fun. And AppleDash arguments are hilarious.

The ending, however, makes me think the whole ordeal was designed by somepony who wanted angry sex :unsuresweetie:

This story was absolutely hilarious :rainbowlaugh:
Great work.


Yes, actually. I must confess that I've not heard of the book. :twilightsheepish:

Haha, awesome story!

I thought it was pretty funny. :yay:

Cute story. I was secretly waiting for seaponies.

Oh man, this was hilarious! Loved every line of it! :rainbowlaugh:

Lawl, that is exactly like them!

"...With four cigarettes and no matches. How do they manage to smoke?"

I can't get myself because I can't stop laughing from beggining to end :rainbowlaugh:

And then sex happened. :rainbowderp: dafuq?

Of course sex happened, it was mating season!

I love this! There's something in the way you write comedy that forbids me to stop laughing. Also, stories about an angry-stressed Twilight are always the best ones.

Plus, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rarity: Nature police officers. :raritywink::pinkiehappy::yay:

It's a cute funny short story, it's great. Greenthumbed!

I lol'd. Like, literally and continuously, and that hardly ever happens. That was magnificent.

This was great, but the part that truly made this worthwhile was when Twilight got even with them. I hate stories like that where the person who took the brunt of almost all the jokes doesn't get any payback at all.

Fine work.

Um, this reminded me, for some reason, of the book "To say nothing of the dog." But that book has one, maybe two scenes of fishing. Why do I bring it up?

*Grins and applauds* very nicely done. Goofy and fun and perfectly characterized :twilightsmile:

I will read into the TwiPie interactions as much shipping as I damn well please.

Also, this is an incredibly cute story, funny, and hits all the right notes. Well done.

Brilliant, simply brilliant. :twilightsmile:

I doff my hat to you, Sir/Madam. :ajsmug:

Then sex happened.

Because it was mating season looool I see what you did there.

Note-perfect to both originals, and quite nice in itself.

(Did you know TMIAB(TSNOTD) was, upon its initial release, critically derided as "the result of overeducating the lower classes?" And now it's something most people don't read "on account of it's too arty" -- Dame Anna Russell :raritycry:)

This makes me like Twilight even more.

This is one of the stupidest, most pointless and unnecessary fanfics I've ever read... It's also one of the best. I love it. Thank you for ushering this into existence.

Pretty damn funny. Being such distinct characters, it's not too difficult to exaggerate their most eccentric qualities while keeping from breaking the envelope, but your execution is as good as I've ever read. You really should go back and fix some of those y'all's, though. Accent notwithstanding, "y'all" really does refer to multiple individuals.

"Uh… Well, either Ah'm going plumb loco, or it's 'Shy and Pinkie. Looks like Rarity's on board, too."

That right there is where I stopped enjoying it for a few hundred words. The next batch of jokes and slapstick could have been hilarious if I'd been able to access any feelings of mirth, but seeing "all" six ponies involved in something that excludes the seventh part of their group is another wet little shit taken on what I value about the show is the one and only thing in this fanbase that I find detrimental to a good mood. At least Twi mentioned spending time with him, which is more than some authors can fucking bear to see transpire. Anywho, upvoted.

and proceeded to row right past it into one that looked like a dumping ground for alchemical waste.


They probably think she's some sort of crazed blood god and disaster will strike if they don't keep her appeased!"

More brilliant.

“There's no such thing as a whale shark. Y'all are just delusional!”

And this is where the laughing out loud began.

“The diseased and corpulent husks of the living descending into the rotting maw of Tartarus, the faint lights of their souls serving only as will o' wisps dancing between the teeth of the damned?” Twilight asked.
AJ turned around to look at her, raising an eyebrow. “Y'all gotta stop reading dictionaries in the outhouse, sugarcube. It rots your brain.”

I'll keep that in mind for the future.

Absolutely delightful!

I frigging love this-

“Yes, Pinkie. You can help too, if you really want to. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm going to buy a pack of marshmallows, and then I'm going home so Spike and I can roast them together,” she said, and, with a sharp flash, was gone.

Translation: She's gonna buy a bottle of mid-grade wine, probably stop by her dealer's for a dub of decent smoke, and take a little bubble bath! :P

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