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Comment posted by RainbowBob deleted Aug 25th, 2013
Comment posted by Zemious deleted Aug 25th, 2013

Just head on over to Edit Account, then scroll down to Personal Info and there will be External Accounts. Add the link there and you're set. It has confused me too on several occasions. Also, do you have any story ideas you're thinking of writing down? And do you have a Skype, since it's easier to chat on there?


.. Uh some help on how to get that fancy deviantart logo with my link would be nice. I'm sure its obvious too.

Geez, man, thanks. I really appreciate it. I guess cause this account has really just been a 'reader account'- i didn't think it would make a difference. But might as well right?

I'm glad my art helped promote the stories in some way. Great fucking stories.

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