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Equus Pallidus

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Although, when MythrilMoth died he got a strike through his name...

On page 3 there apparently seems to be a blog post from this nephew...

I love you Equus.

Comment posted by abronie deleted Mar 11th, 2017

2081391 we regret to inform you that Equus Pallidus is deceased (if some of the other commenters here are to be trusted)

Oh hey, I remember you! You were the guy with the hilarious profile picture. I never was able to find that Twilight picture.

I also adored your Six Brides story; it was one of the first fimfics I ever bothered to read, and I laughed my ass of to the point of near-asphyxiation. It was a damn fine way to enter the fandom, I'll say that much.

Hope you're doing well, and I do hope you bother to come back around and finish the story eventually. It was a lovely fic, and I'm sure there's tons of us who'd be happy to see you return.


  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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