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I like ponies.


State of the Uncle · 3:46am May 30th, 2013

Is there a stated rule anywhere, or even a suggestion for what we're supposed to blog about on this site? That's not a serious question. I'm pretty sure there isn't beyond the mandate that content not be illegal or otherwise upsetting, and if you're gonna talk about dirty stuff you gotta put it behind a nsfw cut? I try to keep my blogging to fanfic, or at least ponies, but I have to fight the occasional urge to just do random biopic crap that nobody cares about. I've already done that with my

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F-four weeks since you've been on here? Could it be? Will the prophecy be fulfilled and Friendly Uncle return? I hope, yes!

Hi. You're the person who first got me into pony fanfiction.

Could you write a story through Diamond Tiara's POV? Or something a bit refreshing in the form of a comedy or what have you?

I miss your writing. Forever a fan, and best wishes to you Friendly Uncle.
This is Telaros, signing off.



Upon your glorious return to our world of pony words on a screen, you should rain down upon us a thousand stories. Leaking ten an hour so as to destroy all hope of pony word tossers from ever seeing their coveted feature box house any words but those written by the lord of Pony Words, Friendly Uncle.

You shall blot out the featured sun. Stories will have updates and conquer even the "Updated Stories" page. Nothing but the endless wave of Friendly Uncle stories would grace the front page EVERMORE! :flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

And so it was typed, this it shall be. The prophecy, of a thousand seconds ago, shall soon in some time in the future come to pass. Be warned, for soon'ish'kinda'probably'maybe the Friendly Uncle shall rule THE WORLD OF CONTEXTUAL WORDS OF HORSES!

So, like, yeah. You should totally go fulfill that prophecy foretold in ancient times and stuff. Could be fun, you know, if you want. :yay:

  • Viewing 95 - 99 of 99
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