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Hi! We're Lapis-Lazuli and Inky Jay! We write fanfictions, for great justice.

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Another year passed. · 2:29am Apr 23rd, 2017

So if you're wondering where I've been, here's the short version.

Living outside of a home of your own kinda sucks, and my new job is incredibly time and energy demanding.

The long version takes a bit more.

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Just finished the Shadow Trilogy. Impressive work!


So I know this is kinda two months late, but the short version is my job is a very draining part of my life. In addition I'm finally moving into my own apartment again after basically living off the kindness of others for over a year, which hasn't made wanting to write much easier. I'll be posting something to tell people where I've been, but I don't know where I am in terms of creativity right now.

Make The Fourth part of The Shadow Trilogy

*taps foot* Besides a false positive back in May we've barely seen hide nor hair of you what's happening on your side?

Hey there!
Hope you're ok!

By any chance, are you planning in write a sequel to Dueling Pianos?

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