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Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch

Profile of Retired Writer, Lapis-Lazuli, and his editor, Stitch / Inky. Thanks for the memories, FiMFiction.


Lapis-Lazuli bizarrely presents...
A story based on plot holes in Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks.
In 1968, in a world not unlike our own, the residents of a sleepy Ohio town witnessed an explosion of light and power in the sky, and three mysterious creatures fleeing into the wilderness. Forty-five years later, the top-secret bureau founded to investigate these events is but a shadow in a world of great threats. Their government has disavowed them. The public has all but forgotten them. They are pressed at every turn to keep the world safe.

Until tonight, when a vortex of rainbows and power surged into the skies and changed the world - and the lives of the two agents sent to investigate - forever.

Absolutely ZERO Relationship in any way, shape, or form to another story with the initials TCB.

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Most excellent start. Well written and well presented. And a new mystery. Seems Principal Celestia and Vice-principal Luna know 'things'

Bookmarking and looking forward to updates.

Lyra and Bonbon, paranormal investigators? Elements of Stephen King, Ghostbusters, and who knows what else? I am most definitely intrigued. Also, interesting detail with the portal's time differential. Very nice touch.

Edit: Aaaand you post the rest of the story as I'm reading. Well, at least I'm not left in suspense. :derpytongue2:

My vote is in for more. Especially if the plot takes them to Equestria. Always up for a good cross universe story.

Plus, there is this world's Twilight who will be poking around very soon.

I just wanted to say that Lyra looks very very very sexy in a suit

Heck yes, I want more of this. This is a thing of wonder and beauty, and I will eagerly read anything else you have planned for this setting.

Okay, so in this version of EG, the Ghostbusters and New York are canon. I really hope this means that you have something planned for that in the future.

This was really good! This is just asking for more. Any chance you could write a prequel involving the werewolves or the sirens first coming through the portal in addition to a sequel? Also going along with thtiger, seeing the bureau interact with human twilight would be great, if possible.

I would love to see more of this


Haven't even read it yet, don't even care.

EDIT: Do more. You're really on to something here.

YES. YES, ALL OF MY YES! It would be an absolute crime not to write more about this! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!

EQG with MIB-ish overtones, ye say? :trixieshiftright:

There was another story a while back before RR came out that went a similar route, but I think it went on hiatus... good thing this one is here now! :pinkiehappy:


Hell YES, I would like to see more of this!

This is going to be magnificent!

5887872 Dagnabbit, beaten to it! Well, I'm posting it anyway:

OT: This is relevant to my interests and definitely getting a read.

This idea has so much potential. Please continue!


I'd like to see more, if you would?

I want Moar pls

I'm game for more, this was neat! :pinkiehappy:

Write more. This was fun.

I'd love to see more. You could go with making you own events rather than from the movies. I can't help but feel like EQG3 will end up having earth Twi bringing all of these connections together.

A little late to the party but I also would like to see this continued. And Site Zero probably attracts more strange things than the things we see in the movies.

I spy with my little eye Stephen King, Ghostbusters, and BlueBastard's A Hairy Problem. Nice.

Anyway, adding my voice to the chorus for more.

Not sure if it matters as its up to you if the comics are canon but Sunset Shimmer came to the human world in a different way.

Idea was interesting, but it seems like nothing really happened.

I'm going to have to repeat the call for 'more please'. This was really good.

Nice story, but feels more like an extended Prologue. In short, yes I would like to see this continue.

Fluttershy approved.:yay:

Echoing the cries for more!

5882885 the werewolves seem to a ref to Supernatural. Someone's dad taking care of those things makes sense.

It's Xcom crossed with MIB and a bit of SCP. The alphabet soup just got cooler.

(Insert Ohio joke)

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