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If you could choose, would you rather live forever and stay ignorant, or would you like to see eternity even if it means your death?

An innocent question causes Angelo Gordon to doubt, what should have been the culmination of his lifework. A fit of Thanatophobia later, and he finds himself in a strange world that seems to defy everything he ever learned, and suddenly existentialistic terror is the least of his worries, as he struggles for bare survival.

Special thanks to Mr.Joshy for proofreading.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 132 )

Just finished Chapter One, and this seemes interesting.

Congratulations, sir or madam.

2367985 Thank you. I hope that future chapters won't disapoint. ^^

I will be watching this. It's been a long time since I've seen a survival story here, at least a good one. When is insanity gonna sink in?

I'll admit that I'm not a fan of the human entering via man made portal technology, but I'll stick with it and give my thoughts when I finish it. :pinkiesmile:

Okay, I stuck with it and I've enjoyed it, looking forward to more. I would have thought he'd have at least seen a pony by now, but it's somewhat understandable considering he's in the Everfree, where nopony goes. Anyway, I'll track this story and give you a thumbs up, looking forward to first contact. :twilightsmile:

2371305 Could you please try to avoid double posts? Just edit your old message if nobody has written anything new. Thank you.

Also thanks for reading. ^^ I'll try not to disapoint. :P

This is good. Like really good.
I'm going give this story an exception and put it into the group list.
The good HIE list

2377220 I'm lucky that there are no cameras in my room, otherwise there would be a new video of a grown man squeeing like a little schoolgirl.

Thanks for the list. ^^

star is right this story is freaking amazing, I am reading this from now on, you get a favorite and a like.

2377505 nah dude I normally only allow fics with above three hundred likes in unless its specifically brought to my attention
Yours was.
I seriously think this is a good story and I hope we send more readers your way.:rainbowwild:

This is amaing. I don't understand how it doesn't have more likes. Admittedly, it is rather slow paced, but the writing is of exceptional quality. Thanks for writing this.

Please continue! I love this! :pinkiesmile:

And then plot happened.

Looking forward to his interactions with ponies.

Just found this and I've really enjoyed reading it. Lookin' forward to whatever happens in the next chapter.

I kind of hope he somehow fashions some clothing. Anyway, looking forward to the next instalment!

2410806 It's admittedly one of the weirder parts of his predicament. :twilightsheepish:

This story is unique, and I am truly enjoying the "pet" dynamic you have going between Angelo and Empress. You manage to avoid almost every cliché, overused trope, etc, and it really reflects the quality of your writing and the thought behind it.

The only thing I would tweak here are your transitions--especially in the last chapter. They're a bit abrupt, and there is very little indication of when they are happening besides increased space between paragraphs. I know I had to read over that last bit twice to make sure I got it (:twilightblush: perhaps I'm just feeble and it isn't really a problem).

Anyway, nice furthering of the plot, good pacing and whatnot. I'm especially interested in the "area between worlds" concept, and I hope to see "Ordo" (?) come up again.

Can't wait for the next installment.

2413867 I don't know when you read the story, but if you happened to stumble upon this story, the day before yesterday or earlier, there might have been some abrupt transitions, because the import function swallowed a few paragraphs.

Not to say that I'm not able to confuse my readers all on my own. :P

Thanks for the critique. ^^

2414160 I would never question your ability to confuse those around you :rainbowwild:


What's your native language? I'm assuming you aren't a native english speaker due to your pluralizations - you use men or women no matter how many people there are. But honestly, other than that, there aren't any glaring errors, so kudos!

I guess the real question is, when will they finally manage to portal to Equestria? And what made the rectangular portal, since the one he helped build was circular?

2435549 Nope, it wasn't. The machine was circular, but the portal itself was square (That's the right way of thinking though ^^).

Also thanks for the advice. Will try to correct them at some undetermined point in the future. :P

Definitely liking it so far. I think I may have missed something though. When did his arm get relocated in his shoulder socket? Was this something that happened in his sleep?

2463401 It didn't. Did I write something different? :twilightoops:

If you think there's something wrong, feel free to point it out, I'm tend to be just a wee bit scatterbrained. :twilightblush:

I started cheering when each of the backgrounders appeared in the fic. For a while, I thought you were going the untamed past of Equestria route.

Wow Lyras egotistical. She doesn't ask the obviously intelligent race what they call themselves and instead names them after herself. I'm not impressed by her actions...

I know it hasn't been proofread yet, but I did find some minor fiddely bits

but the leafs on the trees - should be "leaves"
the tree’s didn’t seem to shake - should be "trees"
he vied for the white hares attention - should be "hare's"
Empress nodded, and rolled one of the larger wood bowls towards him - shouldn't have a comma
The large bowls, with the handles on top - shouldn't have a comma
Carefully he threaded - should have a comma after carefully
wood below it, would turn out - shouldn't have a comma
Angelo enjoyed stretching his legs, and taking a walk through the forest - shouldn't have a comma
After a while he and his lagomorph companion - should have a comma after while
Angelo sat down the bowls, and - shouldn't have a comma
used his spear to break through the thin sheet of ice, before bowing - shouldn't have a comma
With a smirk he had - should have a comma after smirk
that was his hair, at least hid - shouldn't have a comma
But it was not only his hair that had changed. - This is a sentance fragment. Removing "but" or changing the period to a colon or em-dash would fix it.
His face had become sharper, and the middleaged masculine look that he had always been so proud of, had taken a turn for the predatory and haunted - shouldn't have any commas
before we climbed up here.” Lyra - the period should be a comma, since it's the end of the quote
creature away.” Lyra warned - same
knew all too well, that - shouldn't have a comma
All thoughts off Bonbon - should be "of"
There right at the edge of the water stood - should have commas after "There" and "water"
enraged natural spirits, and three - shouldn't have a comma
ponie bodies - should be pony
Additionally where other creatures - should be a comma after "Additionally"
long flat flipper like appendages, that - shouldn't have a comma
It’s face was - should be "Its"
in the face one time too often and - should have a comma before and
wild lion-like mane - should have a comma after "wild"
It’s ears stuck out - should be "Its"
There just outside of it’s reach - should have a comma after "There"
And just besides the creature lay - Needs commas after "And" and "creature." Additionally, starting a sentance with "And" is kind of iffy.
She made note, of - shouldn't have a comma
Most interesting is, that - shouldn't have a comma
Much to my chagrin I haven’t - should have a comma after "chagrin"
Tomorrow me and my assistant - should have a comma after "Tomorrow"
Spying is what horny teenagers do, we are ponies of science! - Comma should be a semicolon
Sure, would the pony of science - Comma should be a period

I'm really enjoying the story so far and looking forward to more.

Tomorrow me and my assistant will take

... my assistant and I.

This story started off reminding me of "the last brony gets his wish" but then it just started getting more and more original! Great job! I have no clue why this doesn't have more likes and views!

I'm pretty sure it's still dislocated.

Wow...7 chapters without any ponies!
Isn't there a fimfiction rule about that or something?
Whatever. I don't care. As long as you are making this brilliant story!

I am impressed. It takes a pair of brass ones to step up to a new alien race, metaphorically slap them in the face and then tell them what their new name is. Or it could just be she is clueless and means well. She is Lyra after all.

Also Lyra is best pony. Let the down vote begin!:trollestia:

Oops didn't see the reply till now. Sorry about that. :derpyderp1:

He would have a pretty limited range of motion and a lack of strength in that arm since it is out of it's socket. I just though an injury like that would still require a sling until it was fixed since it isn't really something that can heal until the parts are back in place. I don't think he would have been able to fight off the wolves as easy or make some of his make shift camp either. He would be able to put the socket roughly back in place (extremely painful by the way) using his body weight and a crook in a tree or something.

The story sounds great and I really like it.:twilightsmile: It just seems to be a bit of an inconsistency to me. Not a glaring problem by the way it just kind of gnawed at me a bit.:twilightblush:

2572213 In the wolf scene I actually make a reference to it, didn't think I'd need to mention it later on. Ahh welp, live and learn.

What is this doing in "The Good Hie List"? The rules say each story has to has at least 100 upvotes to get into it

2647018 Got a special exception due too recommendations. Also it's just a wee bit rude to write a comment just for this, you could have written me a PM. -_-

I started reading this today, and now I have run out of chapters to read... A problem for me since I was enjoying it so much and things just started developing. It actually reminded me of probably my favorite H.I.e. story: The God Particle by moonriseunicorn in the beginning, but things went graciously better the the human in that one. The whole surviving in the wilderness thing really has changed who Angelo is as a person, and I can say that I approve of it. I wholeheartedly have enjoyed this story so far and hope to see more goodness from you soon!


P.S. flutterfan93 this story was on the hie list because one of the more active admins came across it an enjoyed it as well as saying that it met every criteria to be put on the list. There is a whole forum post about it in their group, that's how I ended up here. I am not sure weather your comment was meant to come across as negative, but it did. Please make sure you have all the information before posting. It makes all of our lives easier. Thank you.

This story caught my eye when I was randomly looking for something to read. Namely, it was the title to chapter one that made me decide to give it a chance. And by Sir Isaac Newtons pubes, have you done a wonderful, MARVELOUS, contribution to my reading list. I salute you good sir and eagerly await new chapters.

Also, I do believe you deserved yourself a mustache :moustache:

2658605 Saddly I have to decline the mustache. The world couldn't handle so much pure manliness in one place. :eeyup:

Thanks for reading so far, I'll hope that future chapters will live up to your expectations. ^^

2647018 to go into submissions. There is a loop hole

Run out of chapters
want more chapters

I shall be interested when he meets lyra will he see her as food or think he's gone crazy again CAUSE THERES A TALKING HORSE IN FRONT OF HIM oh well :pinkiecrazy:

2670592 When a naked men and a pony meet there can be only one logical conclusion....

Jokes aside, I'm glad that you enjoy my story. Will try to get an new update out soon. ^^


Shhhh dont tell me soon my soon is horibly short :raritydespair:

2729973 "Soon" is a floating state whichs duration is affected by the "uncertaincy"-principle.

The more information I give about it, the more uncertain it becomes if those informations are true.

For your convenience I've decided only to tell you the absolute and certain truth about it. ^^

2787918 Oops, that's supposed to read "Existentialistic".
The word refers to anything relating to existance but generally is used to describe a school of philosophy that thinks about the nature of existance. (So if you suddenly find yourself thinking, "What's the point? We are all just flecks of dust in an uncaring Universe and nothing we will ever do will amount to anything in the grand scheme of everything." you are experiencing existentialistic terror.)

... I feel stupid now. I knew what existentialism was, but I spent a while searching for "exestialistic" trying to figure out what that was without linking the two.


2790568 No worries, I'm well known for my brain derps as well. :P

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