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Art de Triomphe

The arguments I have within my own head are legendary.


Cleaned Out My Folder · 5:48pm Feb 27th, 2021

Did a bit of Spring Cleaning, if you will. Deleted all the stories of mine that I hate, or have left unfinished. I'm sorry if you enjoyed any of the things that I deleted, but understand that I basically hate everything I have written for this site. I have left the one-shots and any multi-chapter stories that I did finish, but the rest are gone. And since I will never write chapter-length fanfiction again, these 14 stories are probably all I have to show as a contributing member of the MLP

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As does the shampoo. The soap might need a moment to think it over, though. The shower head, though, objects by turning down the heat.

The hair conditioner agrees.

I should become a lawyer.

Nice to know you argue in the nude appreantly, :rainbowderp:

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