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This story is a sequel to Singles' Awareness Day

Years ago, Spike and Discord came to a mutual understanding on Hearts and Hooves Day. That they would support and encourage each other in their efforts to find love.

Many years have passed, and they had since added Big Mac to their retinue. Many things have changed as well. And now, on the day before another Hearts and Hooves, they get together once again to talk about these changes, and their plans for the holiday itself.

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Comments ( 11 )

Big Mac's outfit in the picture looks like his outfit in the last episode.

Dang, dude. I really enjoyed this!

I think what cinched it for me was how you handled Discord. You did what most authors do when they really nail him: in stark contrast to his character, you played him subtle. You never drew too much attention to him doing nutty shit while having a casual conversation, as he is wont to do. The best example here is when he turned into the straw. A lesser author would have said:

Suddenly, Discord vanished in a flash of light. Moments later, a pair of red-on-yellow eyes appeared on his straw, as it began to stir the milkshake free of outside influence. "Isn't it obvious, my not-so-little dragon friend?"

But here? Nope. No fanfare, it just... happens, and the people around him don't even react, as they're beyond used to it by this point. Heh, I can imagine someone walking in, seeing this, and crying, "What the Hell?!"

Spike says, "Hmm? Oh, yeah. Discord's a straw now. It happens."

I liked how you handled Spike and Smolder, as well. No huge, drawn-out mystery, just a casual reveal between friends. Although, much like when I watched the final episode, I felt a pang of shipper's sadness when Discord mentioned him being with Fluttershy, thus sealing that there will never be any DisLestia. *sigh* Ah well...

So, yeah! This was an incredibly fun little read! I'd be eager for more if you ever felt the desire to continue. But for now, great job! :twilightsmile:

Really appreciate your comment. These types of comments make me want to write more often.

Not to toot my own horn, but I try to play Discord as straight as possible, without allowing him to dissolve into nothingness. One or two little tricks, or moments of chaotic indulgence.

As for DisLestia, if you read the prequel to this story, "Singles Awareness Day", you'll see that, in 2014, I was on that ship. Thought it made the most sense. But yes, I took away from the finale that FlutterCord is very likely, if not outright canon.

Spike/Smolder could work, despite being only the 3rd dragoness he's shown interest in she is the one he's gotten to know best. Sanfasicolt and the Dragonlands and pretty far away to have a relationship with Mina or Ember, Canterlot and Ponyville are practically next door.

A lovely slice of life.

Sometimes the more intriguing stories, are just the calm natural ones.

Oof. Rarity is now a forever alone meme.

Really, I just don't like the Sparity ship.

I don't either. Never said I did, I just said I don't like that they ended the show with Rarity alone forever.

I do hope we can see a short romance fic between spike and smolder, its such an interesting ship.
Anyway this was a fun read, the build up to the reveal was well paced, everyone is in character and nothing feels forced.
Well done author.

I may do a sequel to this which details the meeting between Spike, Smolder, Ember, and Garble. Where the relationship is formally acknowledged.

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