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This story is a sequel to When The Wind Changes

When somepony loses their nature and their element which makes them special, how far can one go to reobtain what was lost?

Discord was once a feared creature, only spoken of in whispers but now he's in the public eye as a father. But through changes, he realizes what was lost and is desperate to be found in time. But will he have enough time?

Sequel to When The Wind Changes. I strongly suggest that you read it before this one. Spoilers of both the stories can be in the comments.

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Yay it's finally here!

Insomnia is both a curse and a blessing on the internets.

Gleeeee! Also, totally not foreshadowing in any way with D's huge internal conflict over telling Era he'll never change. Nope.

If I had Internet hands you would be hearing the sound of a million applauses my dear man. Bravo, bravo:moustache: You've already got me interested. Juust like fishing. Hook, line and sinker.:pinkiehappy:

Eeee. Yay! more Discord! and ooh nice on giving an answer that sounds good but doesn't fully answer her question there. :pinkiehappy:

WooHoo! I've been looking forward to this! Ve shall continue with ze shenanigans! ONWARDS!

Ah yes this is totally going to be amazing I can all ready tell I liked and faved before I read this chapter so I made a good guess. Haha now back to slaving over a fic of mine and by that I mean I love writing all day.....

My face when I saw the link inside your "When the wind changes" update


:rainbowkiss: SO AWESOME
I can sense some feels coming in the future when he tells Era he's going to die. Looking forward to what your writing this time

Nice start to the sequel. Can't wait to see what the mane 6 have gotten up to over the five year time skip.

Yes! Good! Moar! Now!

So very very good, my smile is stuck in place and its only been the prolouge! :pinkiehappy:
Congrats on getting in the feturebox again, and I can't wait until you post more chapters. :yay:
I'm guessing Era will be a teen then

Cuteness level: DIABETES :pinkiehappy:

Now with him feeling the age of a mortal being if he were to switch into a draconeques then change back into a pony would it reset the time limit on that body or no?


and thus he is gonna change and everything is gonna go to shit
and then PLOT TWIST and then more adventure and sillyness from Era and more shenanigans
and shenaningan city and yeah
either way

Five years have passes huh? So will we see if the Mane 6 and Spike have found any love? (Aside from Twilight since she's with Big Macintosh)

OH F*CK YEAH! ohh I mean yay.

lovely :D keep the awesome work coming :raritystarry:

His pony body and draconequus body is two different things. He may be a certain age as a pony in that body, but as a draconequus his body continues on its same age as when it was when he was imprisoned.


I completely read that in character with your avatar. :rainbowlaugh:

It's been five years and he still hasn't told Luna? Wow.
Era is just so freakin adorable! Can somepony please make a picture of her?

*heart explodes from cute adorkableness overload*


awesome. procrastination is entertaining and a curse

Thanks to you I have achieved Maximum amount of both AWESOME!!!! (sequel is finally here) and D'awwwww (the contents of the chapter) possible in one night

I pray that you are able to continue swiftly.
Excellent chapter and good luck on.:pinkiesmile:

Its still gonna have a happy ending... right?:applecry:

Can't wait for the full story :pinkiehappy:

You have my attention for the telling of the story. :moustache:

You horrible human being. To make such a young and daaaaaw-able filly have to go through this.

I want more.

I am quite aware that I am a bad person. And more you want, more you will recieve.

1169984 Forgive me, I make stupid mistakes in every language :fluttercry:

A good start. Nothing more, nothing less. For that you earn this emote.


only one dislike.
seems legit:pinkiecrazy:

What's all this? A sequel so soon? Let me just check the auth- no its the right person. Um....


Well, this certainly will bring no conflict!

’‘Hello to you too, Era. But do you remember wha your father and I said about running around on your own in the castle?’’ She looked straight into the eyes of the filly, who just looked down at the floor in front of her and kicked the floor sheepishly.


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