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Discord managed to free himself from his stone prison, but some difficulties occured and gave him a new perspective as a pony. How will he adapt to these changes? And will his plan work this time?

Comments are filled with spoilers.

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It's pretty good. A little pointer though. For spech parantheseis, use " , Not '
And try indednting the paragraphs. But yeah, this is pretty good, just try and fix those little things.


That's a little habit that I have, and have been using it in all my stories. It's a habit that I have to break... :facehoof:

Yes, I have to say you must break that. It makes the quotations painful to read.

I'll get it to the next chapters, as I'm too lazy to change them now.

444155 Lolkay, Back to writing!!! (Flys away like superman)

I'll just run to the batcave when I can't fly...

I'm not entirely sure. Using ' over " was common in the English style (up until recently? I'm not sure if/when the change was made to be more American). So I can't really fault the use, as Lord of the Rings, and many English Lit novels I read use it this way.

Discord really thinks he can walk through Ponyville undisturbed as an ALICORN? k, he's kinda stupid.... but then, the Mane 6 tend to be oblivious to that kind of stuff but still.....


444167 Meh, that's the way I've seen it in almost every book I have read.

Horn and wings, I got a strange feeling that is going to attract attention and a lot of it.

This will end hilariously. :pinkiehappy:

This definitely seems like something I will enjoy. Let the chaos begin!
Can't wait to see what comes next.

What could go wrong? Lets find out :pinkiecrazy:

What could go wrong indeed...

What could possibly go wrong? What could possibly go wrong?

"What couldn't possibly go wrong" is a more likely question. Hehe.

"What could possibly go wrong" Sorry Discord, this question is called a universe dare, ask it, and something wrong WILL happen.... and knowing Pinkie Pie, she will gasp and make preparations for a welcome party.... soooooo.... you're screwed


famous last words

Discord you have just sealed your fate with those words.:twilightsmile:



Ancient equestrian you say. Interesting:moustache:

He bit into a worm or something and freaked Fluttershy out, didn't he.:fluttercry:


Discord.... never speak to Twilight... she can pierce disguises.... after a while


Hm Discord and Luna shipping, that's new to me, every fic i have read it have always bean Celestia/Discord and never Luna, but i like it its good to see something new.

I know, right? It's time for a change for once.

’‘But my mistake made me loose my sister for a thousand years...’’ Celestia sighed as he walked out from the room.

Oops. I believe you mean "lose" there, Symphony. But then again... PERHAPS THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEANT! :pinkiecrazy:

The rather large herd of terrified little ponies galloped desperately down the Canterlot mountain path, their screams long ago turned to gasps for breath. Several young colts and fillies, whose bodies were too small to keep with their kin, rode, sobbing on the backs of their elders, sobbing quietly into their wind-whipped manes.

A dark shadow gloamed over the group like a bird of prey. It passed over the group with sickly slowness, until the young stallion at the head of the herd noticed it. His long, leaping gallop broke into a painful breaking canter -- "Everypony! She's here!" The group began to scream again as the screeched painfully to a stop, gravel and dirt scraping their flanks; some fell over wildly, and scrambled to run the other way. The energy of the herd was shattered and confused. The terrible shadow looped lazily around, it's owner slowly descending to what had been the rear of the group.

The dark, winged unicorn of the night, Princess Luna, landed before her subjects. "It ash so vunderval to zee you all!" She landed on her flanks and raised her hooves.

"No!" An older mare screamed as her body was enveloped in a glowing magic aura. She looked aside and saw that her eldest grandson, a strapping dark brown earth pony in the same state. He looked at back at her. His eyes were wide with terror, but he was silent. Dignified. Proud. His grandmother closed her eyes. "No." She said, barely a whisper as she felt herself lurched forward by the magic. "She's going to hug us!"

Luna wrapped several of her ponies in a great, hug. "Finally, vee can be friends, ya?" She said, her eyes closed in bliss, somehow unaware of the desperate struggling of her subjects.

"Her hoof smells like cream cheese!" A young unicorn mare squeaked to the horrified group.

"Finally, friends, ya?" Princess Luna repeated.

The leader of the herd could only watch around and over the scrambling bodies of his fellows. He watched the horror of the nonconsentual hug, unable to move, unable to speak. He felt something, something big land behind him. He eventually turned, his expression unchanging. "Why?" He asked the newcomer, the princess of the day. "Why?"

Princess Celestia looked form side to side nervously. "Well, um, you see." She sighed and blew a bit of astral bangs out of her eye. "I can't, uh, keep her locked in..." She slumped. "She finished XXXholic so fast. It was unprecedented. We were unprepared. I had no choice." She leaned forward. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, my little pony."

The stallion looked down in understanding. "I understand." He crawled to the sun princess like a foal to his mother, and began to cry, unable to keep it back any longer. "She knocked over a bowl."


"Shhh." The sun princess wrapped her white wings around the little earth pony as he sobbed. "I know."


"Seriously. Cream cheese!" Squeaked a voice nearby.


I'll fix it right now. Oh, and that made me laugh way harder than I probably should have...


Big brother Darkmatter is always happy to be of service; whether it's error patrol or spontaneously written weird microfiction, I'll be there for everypony!

WIngboners... god, this is funny. XD Can't wait to see Pinkie~ :pinkiehappy:

Uh oh, I see Discord getting too attached, which would be upsetting. I want some chaos. Yummy, yummy, chaos.
Also I like Discord's cover name.
More please.



Fourth wall goes BOOM!

I blame the chaos energy.

4th wall goes boom and a Human gets summoned in again.....

wait.... What?


thank god, i though for a second that you where gonna make a HiE out of this, thank heaven i was wrong:twilightsmile:
oh and btw nice chapter:twilightsheepish:

Now we know how you feel about HiE fics.
Keep em coming Symphony, I really like the humor this fics radiates.

Ugh oh. Now Rarity will feel she simply must sew Discord a new cloak after this incident. That could be trouble.

my day > :ajbemused:
your update > :moustache:
my day now > :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad I started tracking this.


this just got more...chaotic! destroy them all lord discord!

Discord is best pony :pinkiecrazy:


oh this is good and it just keeps getting better per chapter:pinkiehappy:

Wow, he's going kind of psycho.

He's the embodiment of chaos and the spirit of disharmony. Psychotic behaviour was a part of the deal.


I hope discord goes all ape hit on her, considering what she did to him.

Discord's train of thought::pinkiegasp: shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit 'sees Luna' :pinkiegasp:fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck


equestria WILL BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh... shit is getting real now. Discord is in full out panic mode, and I don't see that ending well at all.

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