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I'm one of the co-production managers at an Opera house in Australia by day. Wannabe Fanfic writer by night.


Spike bought a new Ponystation 4 (PS4) deciding to switch up from the regular Ogres and Oubliettes, much to Discord's disappointment. Alas, the new game he has IS intriguing however, Less immersive.

Deciding to humour him, Discord listens intently to Spikes description of the captivating new game he bought; Skyrim: The Star Swirl scrolls. As it so happens, the game includes all the most important ponies in Equestria as characters... well, all except the mane 6. Upon finding out they are not featured in the game, the girls express disappointment, and when Discord takes this a bit TOO seriously, a misunderstanding leaves them hauled into the console itself. They now seem to be stuck.

Twilight, Discord and Rarity are now unable to use thier usual great magic, as their magicka levels are not high enough. Pinkie has a desire to conquer all the boiled cream treats in the land. Rarity cannot stand some of the apparel. Fluttershy certainly doesn't like the idea of violence. Rainbow dash is torn between the Imperial Celestials, and The Stormcloaks, and Applejack falls in love with honningbrew mead.

Spike, who can control some of their actions with his ponystation controller, tries his best to help from back in Equestria, as the mane 6 and Discord attempt to complete the main storyline of the game. It's one of their only hopes of making it back to Equestria. But between Twilights need to accept every side quest the NPC'S ask of, will they even get to the end of the main quest? Now they must level up from scratch. Chaos ensues.

Gore and violence tag for violent themes and some disturbing descriptions.
Sex tag for some sexual themes and a few heated scenes, however nothing in full detail.
Death tag, as Death in this game is imminent and therefor, the story.
Narcotics tag, for implied substance use and alcoholic beverages.

Recommended age for reading: 16+

Disclaimer: This is a spin off on the game, Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V. I do not own/partake in productions of Hasbro, or have any part in Bethesda. This was made purely for fun and nostalgia for a series and game I am quite fond of. guilty pleasure.

Credit to: psychicscubadiver
For the idea on naming it a Ponystation 4 (PS4)
as it was originally (PPS4 Pony Playstation 4) and Ponystation flows much better.
Credit to: IndulgingCulture
For helping me choose a more detailed beginning, in regards to the plot hole they pointed out to me, of Spike being able to get his claws on an 'M' rated game, and also correcting a capitalisation and a few misspellings. You're a star!

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For your first story on the site, this is looking pretty good (so far). I admit I haven't played or seen anyone play Skyrim beyond the first few scenes, but I am still looking forward to reading this all the same.


Glad you're enjoying it so far! I know some first fics can be a little.. all over the place sometimes, I'm glad I didn't give that impression! Next chapter will be out today at some point. I could use a proofreader, and you look like someone who knows what they're doing, all your own works are really good!

If you're interested, let me know, i look forward to your input all the while anyway :twilightsmile:

"Think too much into these things? Now that was actually insulting Twilight, you know I never think about things before I do them."

I think you captured Discord well so far, even in just the things he says. which is a hard task sometimes

Discord drooped his ears in an obnoxiously faked display of offence, and waved his paw dismissively, "It's quite alright Rarity, I don't think it even warrants a profanity tag on this story."

That fourth wall break :pinkiegasp:

Narcotics tag, for implied substance use and alcoholic beverages.

Y'all got any scooma?

Normally, I don't like crossovers, but so far I'm loving this! I want more!

Just one question.

Why is it a Pony PlayStation 4 (PPS4) instead of a Ponystation 4?


Thats genius! Why didn't I think of that?! Changing it and adding a credit to you for that right now.

Edit: (I've just mentioned you in the long description) thank you for the input!


I'm so happy I could provide something different for you! I will have a new chapter out sooner than you think! :raritywink:

Being a Skyrim fan, this was something I need.
Last chapter you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.


AH! Aint Skyrim just great?! I'm happy to have captured your interest right now, I only hope I can continue doing so!

I do enjoy some Skyrim fics, but its so refreshing to see one that isn't simply about being in Skyrim or them being transported there by some book, not that the fics that do have that are bad, its just a nice change. This really satisfies the gamer in me! I love the creativity of adding actual gameplay to this. I NEED AN UPDATE!

For a game being Rated M for Mature it's surprising that the salespony would sell it to underage dragon.:rainbowhuh:
I have small understand of the Skyrim lore, but so far the story is well in introducing itself to people who never played the game before. Keep up the great work in your story.

This has SO MUCH of my yes!

Now, I wonder if/when best pony will show up. Yes, I am referring to Sunset Shimmer. I doubt she'd be in the game as hardly anypony knows her, so either she comes and for some reason gets sucked in, or, more likely, she plays too, and kicks more ass than Spike and Big Mac combined, because she played Skyrim back on Earth.


oooh, you make a good point! I've actually been picking my brain to find a way to portray Spike as older in this as well. Thank you for bringing this plot hole to my attention! sometime today I might make some small edits to fix this small dilemma. I'll make a few options and maybe I could pm them to you, and you could help me pick one? Up to you, though!
I'll add a credit to you in the description as well, once we've done so if this is something you'd be keen on helping with! :twilightsmile:


Oddly, I hadn't considered adding her. BUT, just for you, i'm sure I can squeeze her in somewhere in upcoming chapters :raritywink:

Sure, I'll be glad to help out, but if you already made a decision then that's fine.

This is vary interisting I can't wait for when twilight stumples across mogla ball (or how ever you spell his name) or even discord meeting segagorath

You pulled me in with the description, and oh boy! I'm glad you did! HA! I Love this!

I was thinking about that actually... Discord meeting Sheogorath?!?! Dunno if it will happen but could be glorious

Oh shit I just realized. What's going to happen if Spike starts to fall asleep? Or when the Mane 6 need to? Does Skyrim have a day/night cycle?

Now I have to reinstall Skyrim and its mods....dang this fic is good.

Same. I wanna play some Skyrim now.

Also, Is Hearthstone gonna be a part of this? Cause I can kind of imagine Rarity and Applejack getting a little caught up in that.

Discord drooped his ears in an obnoxiously faked display of offence, and waved his paw dismissively, "It's quite alright Rarity, I don't think it even warrants a profanity tag on this story."

God damn, that fourth wall break was smoother than butter.

Khajiit has drugs if you have coin.

Wish you'd have continued this. Also when will they learn to loot the corpses, as horrible as it sounds?

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