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Two New Story Ideas · 3:05pm Mar 14th, 2013

Guess what? New stories, soon to come! I've come up with 2 that work in my mind.
Max meets the Mane Six
Maximum Ride and MLP crossover -need cover art-
-thinking of title, suggestions welcome-
Cyberpunk story set in a futuristic, war-torn Equestria -need cover art-

What do you think? Harsh feedback welcome

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Lightning Marsahlis Chromicus Dash, the Blood Red Pegasus of Passion

Lightning Marshalis Chromicus Dash was born in the large airborne city known as Cloudsdale, he was separated from his sister, Rainbow Dash (full name Rainbow Spectrimina Wingalius Dash), and was brought to a small town called St. Palomino, and has been living there for most of his life. Just recently, though, he has moved to Ponyville, looking for his long lost younger sister. Often commended for his kindness and passion, he even still his known for his extreme fist of rage in rare situations. Has always disliked Princess Celestia, and even has had confrontations with her in his previous years. (Will be updated as I develop on him more)

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Hey, thank you for faving PONY Legacy! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

145806 Nice, can't wait to see it.

I should be able to get your cover started sometime in the next few days... I'll get back to you later asking how you want it... :twilightsmile:

130428 no problem man. Just send a Watch my way and i'll be good

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