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A couple of things · 9:45pm Apr 22nd, 2019

Hey hello it's me the reigning champion of false promises at this point!

So people must have wondered where the hell I popped off to again after being really active to just disappearing for months on end after golden promises about story updates and real ACTUAL content. I have explanations and a kinda serious matter. First of all I'll cover some reasons.

1. Work work work and more work.

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I'm still not dead! HA! · 7:56pm Oct 23rd, 2018

Thought you'd get rid of me THAT easily? Nope!

Anyway, I hit a bit of a setback with an increased workload, band stuff and a wisdom tooth deciding to not be wise and grow the wrong way which hurt. Like, a lot.

Also videogames. I blame videogames for being fun and I having 0 willpower to resist my urges. I'm still writing stuff, don't worry.

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One-shot coming together · 5:39pm Sep 27th, 2018

I'm writing a short one-shot for fun as I'm kind of stuck on Xenophobia at the moment. Here's a sneak preview of the description:

Shining Armor is in a bit of a pickle.

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Back to woooork · 10:32pm Aug 14th, 2018

Yup, as the title says I have gone back to work from my month off. (Heavy industry vacations yeah boiiiiii)

So this means writing is gonna take a back seat until I get back into rythm. The new chapter has starting to take form but it is very slow.

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Artist for cover art · 6:51pm Jul 4th, 2018

Hey guys, as the title suggests I'm looking for an artist to do a cover art for Bad Company and perhaps some other stories down the line. If you are one or know of an artist who takes commissions for this type of thing please let them know/send me a pm with your rates and I'll give a basic rundown of what I'm looking for. In shorter detail, what I'm looking for is something that could fit this quote from the story.

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The (Near) Half-year mark · 8:57pm Jun 12th, 2018

18 chapters of Bad Company
2 one-shots
1 chapter to Xenophobia (next one is being written but slowly)

I'm having a good time writing, it's not the old forcing myself to write problem I had because now I write to unwind from work and just feel better in general.

I still have things under wraps and with the end of Bad Company closing in I'm considering bringing others of my old stories alive. Those include, but are not for certain:

Thicker Than Water
One Hundred Ways
Ha! Nope!

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Is there an interest for a potential re-write/edit run? · 9:09pm May 14th, 2018

As the title suggests, would the people who have read this story and favourited it over the last few years like to see a rewrite/edit of it to make it a bit better overall and polish out what can be done out of it?

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5 years in the waiting... · 8:37pm Apr 20th, 2018

Who's feeling it?

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I'm still here! · 9:23pm Apr 12th, 2018

Sorry for not posting for a while again, I've been extremely busy with work and other personal things over the last months.

I have written over 1000 words for the next chapter for Bad Company so it is coming, just give me a few more days and it should be good to go!

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I haven't disappeared again · 9:44pm Dec 19th, 2017

As the title said, I'm however busy with work and writing a oneshot.

All I'll reveal for now is that it is a comedy crossover with one of my favourite game series.

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