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I’m a cat loving viking from sweden, who enjoys mlp and everything that is typical for a classic nerd.


Quick uppdate and a sequel · 6:30pm Dec 30th, 2013

Hello everyone!
My eyes have completely healed and I got hawk eyes now. :D

Just wanted to make a small post to bring a little something to your eyes. I recently posted the sequel to: Little Chrysalis. So If you liked that you will probably like the sequel. It's not to hard to find, but if you have troubles here is a link. Sequel

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Comment posted by Darkentrophy deleted Jan 16th, 2014
Comment posted by Maroonlover deleted Dec 29th, 2015

Glad your eyes are better. Can't wait for more of Little Chrysalis: 2. Hope you had a happy holiday and will have great New Year.

*Switches all the lights in your house with spot lights*
now its alot brighter:coolphoto:

801727 Thank you. You made my day a little brighter. :D

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