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Golden eyes and a large, curved front tooth were the first give-aways. I was changing and I knew it. I was changing into the monster from my dreams, no, my nightmares.

That wasn't all though. He left me a last little gift as he called it, sending me into a deep slumber only to awaken inside the room of a large white horse with a horn and wings. And she did not look happy.

Adjusting to a land filled with ponies is hard, adjusting to a land filled with ponies whilst you can feel your body and mind change is harder.

I had hoped that if I write down my memoirs I would escape him, escape his influence and his power and his alterations.

How wrong I was. Now I can only recite my tale as I feel the last shards of my sanity leave me. As I feel him beginning to take over.

You can find the artist of the picture at: Poor Yorick
I'll add tags/characters later depending on what I plan for this.

Chapters (13)
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Do not disappoint. This has so much potential its not even funny. First time Ive seen this idea too. You have be captivated with your first chapter, and the premise is excellent. Lets see where this goes. :unsuresweetie:

The new Discord's chaos should involve tacos. Old Discord had chocolate rain, New Discord has tacos. It's a perfectly logical connection, when you think about it.

This, my good sir, is a very good start to a potentially great fic...

Do not disappoint me...

*Insert evil laugh here*


Wow, usually I will only read fanfics that are completed and long. But this caught my eye and I have to say, it's bloody amazing. I've never seen this idea done before, well done.

I do enjoy the occasional fic that makes Discord out to be the sort of evil you would want to seal away forever instead of a lighthearted troll. I am definitely following this, let's see where it goes.

Awesome, thats all.
Also, do not dissapoint this would be a original fic with a LOT of potential.
Reading this chapter with the infection by Disturbed is .... fitting.


Now I'm worried that I will muck this up...:raritydespair:

I'd just like to warn people that Mr. HasNoCurrentName will not be turning into Dissy straight away, its going to be a rather long, drawn out thing instead of just *poof* Oh look, you're the God of Chaos. Expect quite cruel humour, interesting antics, dark depression and copious amounts of feels, be them good or bad.

Also, be warned, Chapter 2 has some darker aspects to it. Some pretty dark aspects.

Good to see your not screwing up, i would love to see the entire transformation.
As for muching things up, your doing entirely the opposite right now so that's a good thing.

850216 Will he at least get to the ponies before the transformation is complete? Also, damn Discord, you scary.


Eeyup, he is actually on his way as we...speak? Type? The second chapter sees him in Equestria... That is all I can say on the matter at the moment.

"Props to the person who made the picture but I don't know them…"
Artist's name and Deviant Art account are in the picture. Just throwing that out there.


Holy. Bloody. Crap.

Excuse me whilst I go clean up my idiocy with a mop of shame.

850651 You can credit him a bit more cleanly like this (copy/paste this as is):
Cover image by [url=http://yourporick.deviantart.com]Poor Yorick[/url].

That will automagically give you:
Cover image by Poor Yorick.
BTW, Poor Yorick is the name of the artist; YourPorick is just the DA account.


Thanks, I'm still relatively new to this so I still don't know all the ins and outs/ technical trickery, if you could really call it that.

That doesn't truly excuse my earlier mistake of not noticing the name on the picture however...:twilightsheepish:

This is absolutely captivating. As a villain Discord never really struck me as really scary, but this was absolutely chilling. This chapter reminded me very much of H.P. Lovecrafts "The thing on the doorstep"
The very idea of having your own body start to become something alien and having no way to stop it is terrifying and I pray to all the elder gods behind the stars that you continue this. The point I'm trying to make is, good job.

850849 Might want to take a second look at how the description looks with that link in it…
You only need to have his name once, spelled the right way. The hyperlink is self-evident because it's blue, so no need to mention where to find him; it's assumed that if the artist's name is linked, it should lead to his page. That's why I worded the whole copy/paste credit (in black) the way I did in my previous comment; fewer words, less clutter, much clearer. Everything in black was intended to replace the entire line in the description.

Holy hell, this is amazing...


Thanks again, you're being pretty informative to me, something I need quite a bit, as you can probably tell.


Thanks, though without you I would have no name for the guy :rainbowlaugh:

Sooooo, the human is discord mk.2?
I had some trouble to understand what was going on.


Clearin' things up a bit in Chapter 2. It'll explain what is going on better I hope.

Basically, that human is being changed into Discord mk.2, yes.

This is certainly a different take on a HiE story and so far it sounds good. Keep up the great work

I'm just glad that this hasn't turned into 'Sleeping, oh look I'm Discord, hello Celly!' like every other fic out there about being Dissy...:pinkiegasp:

Also, depression...:pinkiecrazy:

That is all...:facehoof::moustache::trollestia:


do not thumbs up any more!!!! tis peerrrrrrfect


Incredibly interesting story from your description. I read the first half of ch1 and am excited to finish later tonight, but for now this gets a fav+like. :yay:

vobis male bastardus:flutterrage:, quam? quam!? quam!!? Forsitan! :flutterrage:

et ita ... novum quentiam incipit ... latina!:yay:

850216 Don't worry about messing this up. Just write it and remember you got featured for a reason :pinkiesmile:

Can't wait to read more!!

"the signs of a control that could demand armies, " I think you mean 'command' not 'demand'. Unless if you mean that he could demand someone to give him armies. Otherwise, it doesn't make too much sense. At least, that's what I think.

I really like this story. I think I'm going to watch it and see what happens. I think you have an extremely unique idea. I also like your portrayal of Discord. Scary.

Awesome. Try to make more though, and soon. Or I will turn you inside out and bury you in the ever green forest!~ :heart::yay:



Well, wouldn't want that to happen now, would I?

You're going to be getting a review sometime in the near future, which I doubt you will enjoy.

This is so awesome! :rainbowkiss: please post more soon!

I personally wasn't sure at first about showing discord in this particular light, but none-the-less it makes for a GREAT story! good job! I'm following, can't wait to see what happens next! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Becoming Chaos, picture of Discord, 'last of my sanity leaving me', curved tooth and golden eyes.

If anyone assumed he was gonna turn into an alicorn, with all THESE signs, they'd have to be a complete retard :V. I'll give it a read sometime, if only to see this poor guy's suffering as he turns into a monster that gets petrified for a thousand years.

Discord is my favorite villain, and I must admit I am very intrigued by this notion of him as more sinister and plotting. It always irked me how he was defeated, since it was obvious that they had changed back into colored coats.

damn ging i was planning on ripping you like hell for this, and then you went and made it epic.



That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Good readin' right here.


Fixed. Thanks for that. :pinkiehappy:


Ah well, I can handle negative comments.
Bring the rain :twilightangry2:

856907 but ima still take the rip out of you for the doctor who storys :rainbowwild:


And I will still take the rip out of you for your poor grammar and spelling.

*Doctor Who

I've always seen every villain in MLP as something truly evil. Nightmare Moon with her eternal night, every biosphere in Equestria would die from lack of sunlight, all of Equestria itself would die due to a lack of food. She'd be ruling a dying empire, and likely laughing as it burned away.

Discord is the God of Chaos, and simply by EXISTING, reality shits itself around him. Everything would simply cease to exist as nothing would be capable of existing in such an environment. Everything would descend into its base form, chaos, and he would likely enjoy every painful moment of those around him.

Chrysalis feasts on love, can control your mind, and is just evil. Her Changelings, had she not been beaten, would've spread across Equestria, likely across the planet, assimilating every race they came across, until eventually, food now exhausted, they themselves died, leaving Celestia's fair planet a simple world full of non-sentient life. A reset to the cycle, as it were, leaving the world to accept a new form of sentient life.

This really just makes me like and hate Discord more. Fantastic writing, and I really felt for the poor guy, no one should have to suffer like that.

And now that I've finished my rather short reading of this.

I am left...satisfied, I suppose. I'm going to take to calling John, instead of his real name, 'Poor, poor, poor poor bastard', since shit like this just keeps happening to him.

I wasn't expecting Celestia to act like that though...I'd figure she'd have a bit more constraint. Well ok, some weird creature is sleeping in your bed next to you, in one of the most well-protected rooms in the entire country...alright yeah, I'd be shitting myself in that situation.

Um, don't forget Maker of Disharmony! But anyways, ILOVEITINEEDMORENOOOOOOOOOOOW:flutterrage:

After reading this I have a certain urge to make a comic based off the end of this game. It seems to be in an interesting slow transformation into Discord or does he just turns into him in the next chapter now.

Now that is a true horror of being a host of a bad guy now I even feel more compelled to go through with the idea of drawing Discord and act like that game. Anyway, you're not the only one who made Discord even more evil than what people normally make him out to be, but this whole deal he's putting this guy through really reminds me of that tumblr where Discord sends some pony construct to cause some chaos in his stead.

Grand finale huh? I'm guessing that this story would last more than just a couple of chapters huh? Unless they're going to be really long chapters, either way you've gained my interest and given me hope that that the guy will pull through in the end. You have earned my fave long with my like (which I normally do for stories that interest me).

Oh yeah, one more thing, good job on getting featured, which I think is the reason why I found you in the first place.

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