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Discord... do you even need an introduction? The master of random, the chimera of chaos, and the guy I think Pinkie is in love with. He nearly succeeded in tearing the Mane 6 apart.

I never really liked Discord that much in the show, which was probably the reason why I've held off making a group dedicated to him for so long. Season 4 has since changed my views on Discord and has since made the last sentence false.

This follows the same idea as my two other groups "The Hero... Nightmare Moon?" and "The Hero... Queen Chrysalis?" in the fact that this group is intended to be an archive for stories where our king of crazy is actually one of the good guys.

Whether or not he's the main character, or a side character helping the main out, the stories all boil down to him being the good guy for once.

Anyone may add a story they've found that fits the requirements, as long as... well, they fit the requirements!

Happy reading everyone!

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I'm looking for a Discord Story of O Fluttershy Rainbow Dash both having a crush on him it was based on season 9 Premiere he got hit

Does that include stories from the past thats based way before the mane 6?

300478 Start writing, or you will be bursting before you even begun.
Now, that would be even more sad a fate.

So...I prefer Followers of Discord because he not always is the good guy, but...Let's try :pinkiecrazy:

321334 yup mate

I'm making a story with Derpy and Discord :pinkiehappy:

321334 While the ending may not leave him a good guy, the fact that he was one to begin with lends itself to be in this group.:coolphoto:

Go ahead mate!:twilightsmile:

292261 i have a story that tells about Celestia, Luna, and Discords past with him being a good guy and the story slowly building up to why he became a bad guy. Would this fit the requirements?

312829 He was just getting started though, and that scares me actually...:applejackunsure:

I love discord . . . he's my fav villian. he dosnt cause any more trouble than pinkie or twilight does when their worked up.

think about it . . .

twilight turned ponyville into a bunch of doll- crazed madponies!

pinkie pie made dozens of copies of herself that made trouble for everyone!

discord only wanted to have fun and he didn't seem to care that other ponies didn't like his fun because he probably thought it was only bcause he was different!

So many stories added...


300478 Take your time mate.:twilightsmile:

I want to make a love triangle fan fic and i want to make it as soon as possible. But im so full of ideas i feel like im going to burst before i can fully get the ideas out.

293603 ... I hugz you... I hugz you hard...:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

Don't be too sure! *adds story* There!:pinkiehappy:

Um... wow... I feel really bad about this group of mine...

Two months and hardly any growth. In fact, I don't think anyone's contributed besides me.:twilightoops:

This does not bode well...:pinkiesad2:

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