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I write stories cuz I either A: bored out of my mind B: cuz I need happiness cuz of bullies or C: cuz I feel like it


Nightmare Night · 10:15am Oct 31st, 2013

Crap...I just love this holiday! Tonight I will actually dress up as the Mad Hatter :moustache:. I did a very long Nightmare Night fix called The Dreams That Killed Us. I am actually proud of it! It's based upon Freddie Krueger, don't know him you won't need to cuz I don't know him either :twilightblush:.

Now for now on on every holiday I will write a seasonal fic I already got ideas on Novermber! And to note this.

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Do you exist? I saw the story with Applejack and Camp Half-Blood and Iā€™m very curious about why it was canceled. I liked the chapter I did read, though. I liked it a lot

Thank you for the fav!:pinkiehappy:

Hi! Random friend would you like a follow for a follow?

O..kay then.
Well since you like warriors, you may like this story then: Warriors: Omen of Freindship
Give it a read, when you have the time. :pinkiesmile:


Look, the comic is brilliant, if I could bring it in the chat I would, but the writers own rights prevent meh :twilightangry2:, the comic is called Everything and Nothing.

The writer said I could copy deh summary/blurb/words on the back of the book :twilightblush:.

"When fire and earth falls from the skies, burning branches will never fall in disaster, with strong branches the twig will lead other fire survivors to paradise" - Yellowfang

When disaster strikes in all four Clans few survivors remain, upon one of them is TwigScar, who holds deep secrets and grudges, who must lead other survivors o safety, but when the worlds danger is upon them, can he do it?

Plus it's...


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