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HIHO, welcome to the group:rainbowkiss:

329652 welcome feel free to introduce yourself in the introduce yourself thread and post you storys

328535 Hey! And thank you!

328533 HELLO!!!
Welcome to the party.

Hello all! To those who don't know me, I am Draxco. To those that do know me, hello and how are you?

328524 No problem!

:pinkiegasp: so that what RP means...
:pinkiehappy: that really helped. Thank you so much!!!

328017 "RP" is role playing. When role playing you take the role of a person/pony/being, and do what you want with that person/pony/being. Did that help?

...I...don't know know to ...'RP' :fluttercry:

...I'm so dumb and stupid :fluttershbad:

327728 will do kind fellow if you want to a basic explaination go to the group fluttershy and find the forum paty time

327727 Take your time my dear.

327689 am in the process of makeing a forum to expain how this group workd

327671 RP is good everytime.

327653 hello and welcome

327639 ill post what it exactly is when i get back later today but it involves rp

Itsh party tame!

327638 What are we actualy do in a "party"-thread?

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