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Hard-Pressed Scribe

"I will show you the abyss I have created for you."

Welcome to my page, Borgie!




Users Who Have Blocked Me

Zamairiac: Doesn't like it when people criticize him

MidnightDancer: Found larger than necessary words distasteful. Crass.

Abramus5250 After some quarrel, he decided to. Our little spat would have lasted for ages if he hadn't!

Professor Plum: Unexpectedly easy to upset. No patience whatsoever.

Alcatraz: Also doesn't fancy light criticism. Honestly the most absurd case of me being blocked. Read more here.


DARKENED HEARTH (Prime Character Selections) · 2:35am Jul 8th, 2016

Juvenile Dragon

An undergrown and displaced dragon abandoned by its mother. Wields boyish claws as pathetic weapons and is armored by thin, ruby-shaded scales. Belches cute flames to dissuade enemies. Dragons are infamous for slow growth, in both mind and most other senses of bodily progression. However, even the most accomplished champion hides from any beast so akin to fire itself.

Basic Equine Soldier

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