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Merry Christmas! Or whatever I guess. · 11:34pm Dec 25th, 2014

That's pretty much it! Have an appropriate song.

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Comment posted by 22 KM To Nerdiness deleted Mar 2nd, 2021

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Hey, maybe you did dm me but delete it? I say that because I got a notification for a message and it made me think someone from a long time ago had messaged me, so I would appreciate if you could tell me if it was you. Man, now I feel pretty bad for never responding back to that person...

Lol yeah you can just post on my user page instead of dming me like would be more appropriate. First of all, the yaks have been fleshed out more than with that first shitty episode they made and I no longer really hate them. I still think they're not very well designed, and that they could have easily been replaced by buffalo in Friendship School episodes, but I don't hate them anymore, see? Also, why would you assume I was Muslim? All I did was reveal my heritage. What, does that mean if you're white you're automatically Christian because your parents are? (just to name an example, not to say that your parents have to be Christian if they're white; race isn't fundamentally connected to religion anyway) I should have known better to admit that I was a little offended at something though with the kind of people on this website though. Not that I would want anything banned, though, as I am
antiauthoritarian. Maybe you should know better than to immediately judge someone based on a comment they made years ago? I'm going to go delete it though, right now, since really all it has caused is trouble.

Hey I happen to like the yaks especially sweet little yona. I don’t find them offensive at all in fact I think they are funny so don’t get your hijab in a bunch it’s a cartoon learn to have a sense of humor. Oh wait you are middle eastern you rather yell allah ackbar and chop peoples heads off all because they offended you. You sand people need to lighten up. Your hurt feelings don’t matter so cry harder camel lover. Also apu is best Simpsons character too bad people like you made them get rid of him.

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