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Apple Bloom is tired of being on her own. With time stopping for nopony and a great, bright beacon calling to her, the little earth pony makes one of the hardest decisions of her life, and embarks on one last crusade with her friends.

However, one friend is not so quick to accept the truth. Can a certain little white filly learn to cope with the thing she fears most - saying goodbye?

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You had me at the title, sounds great, and looks very temping:rainbowkiss:

Aww, I just finished it, how sweet. I love the way you used the type of mystery to push the story along. I kept asking myself "What was The Last Crusade?" and in the end I fully understood it. Well done, bro, well done. Take my five starts:pinkiesad2::twilightsmile:

Wait. What the fuck happened? :rainbowhuh:

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oh my god...:fluttercry: you evil son of a bitch :applecry: this is so.....:raritycry:

:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh: What was the last crusade, I didn't pay attention... :twilightblush:

Awwww Apple Bloom :applecry:

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This is lovely, it was quite well done, btw were you inspired by Gaiman Sandman character for your version of death.

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87083 Lets just say Applebloom is now in a better place

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It was a nice, sad story. :fluttercry: didn't even realize what had happened til' near the end of the story.

wow cool story

Ah jeez. Manly Tears, manly tears. >:C

I knew what the story was getting at as soon as Applebloom asked is sweetie belle could still see her.

... Huh... Good story i guess..




87083 Thanks! :scootangel: I was trying to reveal subtle hints as the story went on, without making it completely obvious until towards the end. I'm happy it worked! It's my first fanfiction, so that means a lot! Thanks again, man!

87086 Oops, sorry, that reply was for AProfessionalBrony. First time using FiMfiction's comments. :twilightblush:

Btw, if you were wondering what the Last Crusade was, it was Apple Bloom's final outing to Ponyville with her friends, and towards the great white light she was seeing. If you've read/watched anything about near death experiences and the like, you might be able to guess what that means for her...

87078 Thanks! :scootangel: I was trying to reveal subtle hints as the story went on, without making it completely obvious until towards the end. I'm happy it worked! It's my first fanfiction, so that means a lot! Thanks again, man!

87256 Actually, I never read those comics. But I just googled that version of death, and I can see what you mean. I guess my idea is similar, where death is more a loving and caring thing, rather than one to be feared and dreaded. :scootangel:

You bastard, you just broke my heart. I was looking for fanfiction when I saw this one. It was similarly titled to another story I had read, so when I saw that it was a oneshot, I was confused and wanted to know what was going on.
I found out.
.........DWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breaks down into a sobbing mass*

This is so sad,, even as I writ this Tears are rolling down my cheeks. Good job. and thank you for writing this.

Alright, being honest? I read the comments beforehand. Then I got halfway through, and I had to bail out, it was just too sad for me, and today has been a bad day for me, so I will just have to say, beautiful story, and I know the ending was good


no manly tears were shed from me...in fact i laughed a little...i don't know why

:raritycry: WWWHHYYYYYY

Fillies dying always makes me sad ;_; Manly tears, manly tears.

*sob* This.... was.... beautiful! *sob*

I hate it when the CMC die in the fanfics. But this was a sweet and really well written fanfic. Id love to see a sequal that takes place years later though with them finally going to see each other again.

watched it with the lon lon ranch song pplaying... :fluttercry:

A very interesting idea, and well executed. I liked it.:twilightsmile:

Nothing short of completely, absolutely brilliant. Five shattered skulls out of five.

I'm note gonna cry... :rainbowderp: I'm not gonna cry.... :unsuresweetie:

I'm not gonna.... :raritydespair:


I'm just gonna have to be the one to say it:
When I clicked on this, I was expecting an Indiana Jones crossover.

Joking aside, though, ALL OF MY TEARS DAMMIT. :raritycry:

Try as I might to uphold my persona of a callous, Irish man I must admit

Manly tears were shed.... I curse you Paraderpy for this wondrous work!

Oh, this is beautiful, and very subtle. I really love the different ways in which the children and the adults deal with this. Very moving.

getting linked here from your DA pic "With You Forever" I was able to figure out fairly quickly what was going on. However, that just got me crying that much sooner :raritydespair:

Beautiful work paraderpy, the last fic that got me to cry this much was "Final Dream of a Filly"/"I couldn't wake you because you can never wake up again". the manly tears won't stop flowing! :raritycry:

God dammit :fluttercry: I don't think I've cried this hard since "Bittersweet". :applecry: I won't lie, it's a wonderful story, just, a sad one as well.:fluttershysad:

Nicely done. I'd like to say I cried, but sadly I can only cry once in a blue moon (Don't ask me how that works. Even I don't know). I can learn a lot about writing from you my friend. I can't wait to read some more of your stuff.

But... She... she... never got her cutiemark... :applecry:

233586 Thanks a lot, man! I plan to write more in the coming months when I have more free time. :twilightsmile:

That was really, really good. Very good job! ::fluttercry:

i was worried at first cuz i thought this might have been a sequel to another story, but i'm glad i finished it, if you thought this was sad, try reading "final dream of a filly" i was a blubbering heap after that one...

very well written, i liked the mystery, and that only made all the sadder when i realized what was happening, thank you

271547 Thanks, glad you liked it!

272567 YES, "Final Dream of a Filly" is my favorite sadfic. Very powerful. And you're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :scootangel:

My goodness, this was a amazing story. The way that the plot was unexplained until the end really sealed it for me. I don't reall believe this should be in heartbreaking, as it has a bittersweet ending (to me at least). But anyway, very nicely done!!!

301055 Thanks a lot, Hodd! I wanted it to be a bittersweet ending, where the reader is sad for Apple Bloom, but happy for her as well, because they know she's going to be okay, and well looked after. :scootangel:

I have my 'I'm about to cry but no tears are forming' face on right now.
Wait...now I'm crying. :fluttercry: :raritycry:
Well done. *applauds*

That was very heart touching. It was well written and I very much enjoyed.
Not sure on words to describe this feeling but all I can say for now...
...is good work

(weep weep) how sad :fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad: but yet so sweet:rainbowkiss:

Man, this was great. Sad, but a sort of happy kind of sad in a way... yes I cried. hahaha.

this was great but i am so confused. was Appleblooms ghost really there or did Sweetie Belle go crazy from the lose of her friend. :unsuresweetie:

442453 That's actually an interesting theory! When I wrote it, I didn't realize that they may have been just imagining Apple Bloom the whole time. But my original intention was that she really was there as a ghost.

all i can say about this amazing story is well done well done indeed :pinkiesmile:

Well you've convinced me in that thread in the Sad group. I've put this on "read later."

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