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In which Dinky Doo asks her mother to tell her a story.

An illustrated tale based on the Winnie-the-Pooh stories written by A. A. Milne and decorated by E. H. Shepard, along with the Disney animation 'Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.'

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I have to admit, about 1/5 in I just looked at the illustrations. From the point of view of presentation, this is fantastic. The illustrations are lovely, and look like they'd belong in a children's book, and your creative use of formatting for certain parts of the narrative was very clever. I only skim-read the story itself, but what I saw, I liked. It emulated the simple style of a children's book, but not stupefyingly simple as some tend to become.

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Love it, great illustrations and fun text...the way it goes up and down.


My childhood came back to me and said 'Hey, how's it going? Remember those books mom used to read to you?' And then I said, 'Yeah,' and my childhood said 'That's good. I miss stuff like this.'

This is just too wonderfull. I can see so many references and precious moments from the stories you were trying to emulate, which you did perfectly. I got a little teary eyed from the memories. Thanks for this.:twilightsmile:


This is superlative! Excellent job, and just plain sweet.

Ponies and the Pooh tied together are just so sweet that I couldn't believe it possible if I didn't read this story

I don't even want to know how long took you to deal with the images and the word positioning, a great work that shows a great effort.

Well I'm glad you liked the pictures. My favourite thing about this project is that my pinboard is now considerably more colourful and full of pony than it was before.

Hi Dad.

Thank you very much for the comment! I love the Winnie the Pooh stories and I wanted this homage to reflect their charm.

Thank you!

Howdy Mime.

A. A. Milne would be very proud of you. This homage is spectacular. It parallels a lot of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories -- both by the illustrations and the story.

You're a very talented writer. Thank you for sharing these stories!

I loved Winnie-the-Pooh so much when I was little. This is so cute and perfect. It brought back so many memories.

Keep writing. This was great. :rainbowkiss:

Times Gabriel's reading difficulty happened: 1

Overall, I liked it. It was a nice, sweet read that had me going "D'aww..." at points. The large print and pictures helped with my reading difficulties. Speaking of, as an artist - I liked the pictures as well. The whole thing reminds me of a children's book...which is by no means a bad thing.

Though it makes me wonder, did you draw the pictures or did you get someone on DA to commission them? :rainbowhuh:

Even then, nice to see an artist who uses Felt Tip pens.

Anyways, I'm rambling now, so I'm going to give you a big upvote...and a hug, but we're not in the same room. So it's just an upvote. Sorry. :twilightblush:

Somepony out there rated this less than 5/5.


Okay, who the hell let you mess around with the formatting?

4.5/5, fave

Absolutely beautiful. Tugs at my heartstrings and memories just a bit. :pinkiesad2::applecry::pinkiesmile:

As someone who was brought up on Winnie the Pooh, long before Disney got ahold of it - it was a favourite of my Dad's to read to me - I have to say that this is fantastic, utterly fantastic, and as much so on the second reading as the first (which I did when it was on EQD). In fact, I would go as far as to say that this is one of my top three favourite pony fanfics, which given the quality of the competition, is high praise indeed. You captured the feel of both superbly, and the presentation is magical. Truly superlative work.

I just read this to my five-year-old, pony-obsessed daughter.

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Unless you are a lady. Sorry, ma'am. Sir. Whatever. You are awesome, and your story warmed my heart and the heart of my daughter.


I just wanna say that this is the cutest fanfic I have ever read and it's a shame that this hasn't gotten more attention. The pictures go perfectly with the story and I absolutely love it.

This has been in my "Read Later" since I signed up, and in my browser bookmarks for much, much longer. Finally getting around to it.

Thumbs up for adorable; favorite for working in a reference to the heffalumps and woozles.

Author Interviewer

Ah man, some of your image links are broken. D: I hope you still have access to the pictures and can fix them. Or that it's just me.

This is ADORABLE and the style of the illustrations is perfect.

and Sweetie Belle tried to and hide under Scootaloo

OH MY GOSHERDOODLES THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. This needs to be published. NOW. So! Darn! Cute!!!!! :derpytongue2: Seriously...I feel 100% happier now that I've read this story. Now I'm gonna go try and do my own Pooh/ponies tale! I bet it'll be nowhere near as good as this...but I can try! :D :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: BRAVO SIR!! Or Madam. I don't know which, but BRAVO!! If I weren't too lazy to stand up, I'd give this a standing ovation! *claps wildly*

Brohoof! /)

Oh! Doesn't this bring back good old memories! And a great excuse to listen that old theme song thing of Winnie the Pooh over and over again.
I love how everypony goes with the characters from the real deal Winnie the Pooh characters. And Carrot Top being Rabbit? GENIUS!! The illustrations are just prefect and the Tigger song! I haven't heard that in forever!! I even started singing it! Now to like and fave. :derpytongue2: *brakes the like and fave buttons* Opps...


Ah, sweet and innocent.

Now if only real tropical typhoons didn't kill...

Anywhoo, loved it, period. Sometimes I wonder, am I willing to give a few IQ points to get some Ditzy Doo innocence? Stories like this makes me think it might just be worth it.

Similarities with Winnie The Pooh are there, and yet this one stands out unique and not a Winnie The Pooh copy-cat. How did you manage that, Mr./Ms. Author?

The illustrations add to it perfectly. And the timing of the use of capitalized words...timed well.

Thumbs upping, and shelving.

Some specifics:
1. said like was

she it bit this, it hard keep

but a so to track.
- Awesome!

2. After leaving her companions, Ditzy Doo made her way to Carrot Top's house. She stepped carefully around where the carrots had been planted, because she knew that plants live in beds, and it would have been rude to wake them.
- Oh the innocence!

3. Ditzy nodded along sagely, as if to say 'Oh yes, well we've all been there.'

4. “So we were followin' these tracks we found.”
“And they kept going round this tree.”
“We didn't know what was making them.”
- Lol!

A fantastic retelling of one of my favorite childhood stories. Keep up the good work.


Awww, all the pictures are broken...needs fixing!

Oh bother the pictures won’t show up but besides that I absolutely loved this fic and I honestly would love to read more Ditsy the Doo :)

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