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Update 4 - Is anyone still here? · 7:51pm Dec 24th, 2012

So...I've journeyed around. Had time to think. A lot of things have happened. But ultimately we're back here.

2012 has been a terrible year overall. I mean it started off pretty damned well - Ponies were good, relationships were generally good and of course, Something Broken. While not the best fic I've written (many inconsistencies, hectic pacing and a few other problems), it remains the only one I've actually gotten finished. The others? Probably never will be finished.

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174227 The same reason The Pony Who Fell To Equestria was cancelled at the same time. It wasn't a lack of interest. It wasn't getting tired of writing it.

It was writing ourselves into a difficult position that was nigh on impossible to dig ourselves out of. With both, it was their Chapter 4.

You should continue Iron Uprising. Seriously. It's like, one of my favorite stories. Ever. Why'd you stop it?

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